Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rise and shine!

I have known friends who will wake up as early as 4am to cook noodles or even porridge for their kids as breakfast. Such devoted mommies that I admired.

As for my kids, they don't have such love from me. It is either sandwiches, cereals or even cookies! So to get a hot breakfast, like Bacon and eggs are left mostly on weekend.

Since I have a very good experience with my Steamed Brownie yesterday, I decided to prepare some Steamed Rice Cake for my kids as breakfast. Looking at the recipe, it was super easy to prepare.

My kids rarely eat this as I am afraid of the colours but I am sure they will like something different from the usual breakfast they get.


I didn't have very good result with it. I find that the texture is very dense perhaps it might be my mixing? Wondering whether there is a way to mix it properly as the instruction for this book is generally very vague.

Though we hardly eat this, but I think the texture is fluffier than this. Also I didn’t get that split look.

I am pretty paranoid with colours, I wasn’t very liberal with it. Thus wasn’t able to create more vibrant rice cakes but I chosen two favourite colours of my kids. Pink for the girl and green for the boy and white for mommy!

Nevertheless, the kids didn't complain and I am glad. A little sugar high is okay since exam is over for my eldest.
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  1. Edith,
    I had the same experience! I was expecting nice fluffy sponge cakes, but turned out rather dense, and looked just like yours. I'm wondering if it's cos my steamer was too low. Did you use high heat?

  2. I did but it didn't open up. I was rather happy that my kids didn't mind the texture and had been asking for more.

  3. Edith, our breakfasts are the same :D although these days I really concern abt the preservative/additives content in manufacturer's food (as I'm with you too on food coloring...).
    Steaming some rice cake sounds like a good option, your kids are so lucky to have a good baker ma'ma to indulge them even once in a while!
    last but not the least, enjoy your NY trip too in Dec... yeah a bit too cold, but the city is gorgeous, worth it :D

  4. I've had the same problems with steamed cakes too. i kinda gave up on it already! lol

  5. My kids frown at the sight of bread as that's their regular item for breakfast on school days :P

    I had the same problem with steamed rice cake too and I thought it was due to my expiring baking powder.


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