Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home alone

This morning, I was awoken by a phone call. My dear friend V asked me out for breakfast. It feels good to bring my little gal along as this week, she will be off from school till Friday.

Being an e-learning week, she gets to do her homework at home. Though a little worrying to stay home during an exam period but I guess a little relax environment won’t affect her performance much.

Having her home alone at home is really peaceful. Besides singing and dancing around the house when she is awesome mood, she is basically a very happy girl and quiet as well.

Being home alone with my boy is very different, the radio will be constantly turned on with his head banging music that sometime gives me headache. Or he will go round the house with his ping pong ball and bat. tick tock tick tock all day long or the soccer ball is being dribbled round the house.

Being home alone with both kids is another different feel. My girl will tend to wince alot and my son will like to bicker with her but the best moment is to see them playing very well with each other. My son will initiate a game of ping pong over my two coffee tables (now you know why I have two in my house if you visited my home).

So today, with a peaceful mind and a relaxing afternoon, we went about baking a brownie since daddy dearest loves brownie. Chose this recipe from Sweetness again, Mom's Fudge Brownie.

Definitely nice to end the day with a scoop of ice cream over warm brownie after dinner.

Want some?


Note: I overbaked it again this time round. I will cut 5 mins from the baking time next round.

What you need:

222g unsalted butter
116g unsweetened chocolate (use the best you can find)
200g castor sugar
190g plain flour
4 large eggs
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
168g pecan, coarsely chopped


Melt butter and chocolate using a double boiler. Transfer into mixing bowl.

Using a whisk attachment, whisk the sugar with the chocolate mixture while it is still hot.

In 4 alternating batches, add the flour and eggs into the chocolate mixture. Whisk well after each addition.

Add in vanilla and pecans. Stir well and pour into prepared pan.

Bake for 20 - 25 mins.
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  1. I'm alone now too. with both kids at the babysitter's, so that I do some housework.
    Although mine are both girls at just 16 months apart, but, sometimes they can't play together, as both are of totally different characters.

  2. Edith,
    I definitely want some! I would have it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream! Yummy!
    Four days with your girl is wonderful compared to 3 boys(my grandsons). Right now babysitting. Can't do a thing!

  3. Edith, I dun wan some, I wan more than some, yum yum!

  4. My elder daughter is around the house too. She is too the quiet and happier with out her younger sibling around. But again they can still be the best of friends sometimes. You know even though the brownie recipes usually sets far shorter baking time, there's always a tendency for me to overbake it. It's hard to remove something from the oven knowing that it's still gooey inside, lol!

  5. hey edith,

    the brownies look very fudgy, cant believe you said you overbaked them.

  6. what a happy blissful family u got. and the brownies look so fudgy and yummy!

  7. Very nice brownies you have. You are right, I should have baked this since I'm home today. Can only drool at yours now...

  8. Thanks Jess. Sure been a long time since I last bake a brownie.

    Wendy, mine too are of diff character. My son is very active and kind of rub it off on my No 2 when he is home. Other than that, my No 2 is pretty quiet.

    But I enjoys seeing them playing well together.

    Busygran, your daughter is so lucky to have your support.

    Linda, thanks.

    ZY, I did overbaked as you notice that layer of crust.

    Crustabakes, sometime can be NOT blissful. Ups and downs. hehehe

    J, so what did you bake today? I can feel my asthma is coming back with this stupid haze.

  9. I have to listen to the tick tock tick tock every day! My boys will play ping pong with the wall. Sometimes the noise really drives me crazy!

  10. Edith,
    I baked some buns today. Ran out of bread already, so I need to replenish. Take care of your health. Stay in indoors with this terrible haze hitting us!

  11. My boyfriend is taking courses online now too. It's quite a bit of a different experience. These brownies look delicious. Love the closeup.

  12. Yes please, pass me a slice, I need it now! Lovely blog, I'll follow you!


  13. Ciao Edith, in reply to your comment:

    here in New Zealand I only saw white and almond flavoured (light yellow/cream colour) fondant, never chocolate.
    The white one I coloured with spirulina powder and berry juice to get natural green and pink.

  14. Hmm...mm.. love this gorgeous brownies! Bokmarked this for later use. thank you!

  15. Ciao Edith, in reply to your comment:

    here in New Zealand I only saw white and almond flavoured (light yellow/cream colour) fondant, never chocolate.
    The white one I coloured with spirulina powder and berry juice to get natural green and pink.


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