Monday, October 18, 2010

Doesn't look at all

I have been pending this recipe for nearly 3 weeks and I knew that I can wait no further.

Didn't have very good mood today as I was upset by how rude my son is getting. I can tolerate laziness, untidiness and playfulness. One thing I can never tolerate is being RUDE.

Even though many told me that this is the teenage phrase and they need to exercise their rights and independence but I NEVER agree of them being rude to Parents or anybody for matter of fact.

I refused to allow my son to talk to me with disrespect or treat me with one.

Perhaps you can say I am a very HARD mom but hey, house has house rules, school has school rules and even when they go out to the society to work, there are office rules and there are country rules!!!

So if house rules can't be complied, I seriously don't know how they will grow up to be a good citizen.

Didn't make matter better is that husband was quiet about it and refused to stand up for me. Hey, if husband and wife cannot be together in same view, I am sure my son will think he has a "strong" backing and can LORD over me whenever he is not around. Already the situation is bad with the attention and I definitely don't need another one to add to my problem.

Call me a stubborn old mule but I will not soften till I get my apologies and I got them right after his school. Of course I did my explanation and reasoning and hopefully, this will drum deep into his head.

With apologies accepted, I went into my bread making process. My last experience and this bread kneading weren’t really fantastic. It takes a long time for it to barely pass the stretch test.

Next, the proofing time was way too long. I think it was nearly 1.5 hours before it barely makes the half way mark.

I didn't want a plain white loaf so I added in raisin during the final proof.

Next obstacle, I have two Pullman tins but unfortunately both sizes are not the required one for this recipe. No choice but to improvise by added some tin foil and was hoping hard that it will "beef" up nicely.

Haiz..... a failure because instead of a nice loaf of Pullman Bread, mine turned out to be more like a baguette.

Though the bread was soft but it wasn’t fluffy soft. The crust was hard as I suspect I overbaked it. Does bread has this overbaking problem too?

Will I consider this a success? Definitely not!


Next for dinner, I prepared Cordon Bleu Chicken. I remembered the last time I first tried this was at Raffles Marina and it was long time ago. It was relatively an easy dish to prepare.

As I don't have any block cheese around, I used Kraft Cheddar slice which was a mistake as it melted away.

Overall, yummy.

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  1. Edit, I'm sure you'll get it right after a couple more tries on bread making. Don't give up. :)

  2. Hi Edith,
    I can empathise with you. And me too, I truly stand by you with regards to obeying parents and setting the house rules right. You have my support on this. I also had cold war with my son once when he disrespect me. We didn't talk for 3 days until he apologised. So I can truly understand how you felt!
    Your bread looks soft and good. I believe my spouse will like this as he likes raisins in his breads!

  3. HBS, I am close to giving up liao. Let me go get a fresh pack of yeast and I will decide whether bread making is my calling. hahhahaa

    J, I am glad that I am not the only one believe in this. Yes I love raisin breads as well. Regretted not putting in more. hehhe

  4. Wow I'm drooling at your Cordon Bleu Chicken pic...hehehe!

  5. I know what you mean and what you're going through as I have a few teenage nieces and nephews. It's never easy when it comes to children, what's more at this stage. I too cannot tolerate rudeness esp when talking to parents/elderly. I've had an episode of not talking to DD1 for 2 days, until he finally apologised (sincerely). I'm fussy too, when an apology has to be SINCERE, not apologising for the sake of it.

    Your bread still look good to me.

    I've made Cordon Bleu Chicken once but never again as it was a fried recipe. Yours look great despite the melting cheese. Let's see if I can squeeze in some time to makt them again in the near future.

  6. Edith,
    Both my girls are grown-up. One is a mum of three boys. Yet from time to time, they do get "impatient" with me. My older girl will apologise but my younger one who just turned 21 is more stubborn and rather nonchalant.
    BTW, your chicken looks delicious!

  7. Edith, I can totally understand, I believe rude is not acceptable. I am having this issue with my daughter too, yes my daughter although she is just 6 yrs old not teenage, already given me headache, I cant image when she is teenage sign.... BTW the bread and chicken looks good!

  8. I have not started yet for Pullman Bread, but from the picture yours looks good. However, the Cordon bleu Chicken looks really tempting and delicious.


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