Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cook and Feed with Love

At our last Bloggers' Party, an idea bounced off on why don't we, bloggers, come together and cook for others since we enjoy cooking and baking. Sharing our passion with less fortunate will bring even greater joy.

It was a welcome idea and eventually put into reality. A month or two of discussion and co-ordination work finally comes together.


As this is our first time organising such an event, we didn't want to attract too much attention by blog invitation to join this effort. Instead, we opted for a more subtle way of going by word of mouth.

As we don't have a central kitchen to cook in, we need to get the food done in our private kitchen. To maintain the same consistency and taste, a standard recipe needs to follow.

A group of team leaders thus was appointed to find an easy to follow and yet tasty recipe.

Our recruitment drive turned out to be really good. In fact, it was so successful that even a few non bloggers wanted to help as well. For some, despite their work schedule, they still find time to participate and I am truly touched.






It was a humid morning but still a few of us already started streaming in early. The hall was already set up and soon, food items were coming in and topping into a central serving tray.

I am really glad that everything fell into an orderly co-ordinated sequence and soon the old folks were all waiting excitedly outside the centre. A queue started to form right away after the centre manager made an announcement.

Can't keep them waiting for too long, can’t we?


The mood was merry and everyone just pitched in to help in what way we can. Some were dishing out food, some were helping the less mobile to their table and some were serving those who are on wheelchairs. Some were helping to clear tables and some were helping to serve desserts.


It was in perfect co-ordination that no instruction was needed.

There was even an Karaoke session after the lunch!

To the old folks, they sang praises about the good lunch that they were given.

To the volunteers, it was simple joy of seeing those toothless smiles. Enough to melt one’s heart and bring great satisfaction for all the hard work and effort.

Special thanks to my hubby. I am glad that hubby despite his office move, he is taking time out to pick up my little girl for her Speech and Drama class.

Also my helper for all the cutting and helping out.

V, my kind friend who sponsored the cultery.

And all involved in making this Cook and Feed with Love event such a successful one.

The day ended with so much joy despite us not able to find time to connect with new faces but we promised each other that we will make it up by a tea session real soon.

Thank you all, without your effort, this event can never be a successful one.

A thank you note from the centre manager:

Thanks for organising the lunch for our seniors. They enjoyed the food and the energetic presence of your young team. You have been so kind to us. Have a good weekend. Lucy.
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  1. Edith, you are awesome for all the effort in organising something like that for all of us. It was an eye-opener and heart-rending for us to see the elderlies having to eat "out" rather than at home with their families. I guess in a way we can make up as their interim family. I am so glad to be a part of your team!

  2. Thanks Edith. Yes, you are awesome to help co-ordinate and organise the event, without which, we would not have know about such centres, and make our contribution back to the society. :) Thanks very much for the all the efforts!

  3. Now, that's a good, moving, touching thank-you speech! Bravo! Well done, to you and the rest of the team! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the event ... Hehe ... LOL!

    It's always such a lovely thing to do ... for us to give something back to the society ... I'm imagining how the ah-ma's, ah-gong's, po-po's, ye-ye's were all grinning when they were treated to such wholesome meal that was prepared with lots of TLC. =)

    Nice to see that everything went well and each participant had tremendous fun. I hope the tea session will allow more time for all you to bond and get to know each other better.

    Edith, don't stop amazing me! But then, do take good rest when you feel tired. Don't overwork yourself. =)

  4. Edith, agree and it was an awesome effort by everyone, especially yourself in putting paper to reality. Kudos to you.

  5. Edith, you have organised and planned well. I have enjoyed myself. so glad I was part of your team.

  6. wow, great idea! glad it was a success.

  7. Edith,

    what a great job done !! It's a pitty i couldn't join you gals due to my course.... So proud of you!

    Shall hope the next one I will be able to take part. :)

  8. Busygran, it is nice meeting you in person and glad that you enjoyed it.

    Pei lin, yes finally put into reality.

    Jo, you are welcome, without everyone's effort, this won't be a success.

    Yummykoh, glad that you enjoyed and nice meeting you.

    Thanks Javapot.

    Honeyboy, no problem another one is in the pipeline. Will keep you posted.

  9. Such a great event for a good cause. Keep the good work going, gals!

  10. Thanks for dropping by tigerfish.

  11. Wow! This is great! A pity I couldn't join you in this event as DH is always not in town. You've done a fabulous job!

  12. Edith, thanks for organising this meaningful event :)

  13. hey edith,

    once again, thanks for leading and initiating this wonderful event. Its meaningful and I am sure the volunteers and old folks had a good time. Great effort by everyone!

    hope to meet up soon with all volunteers. your book is still with my btw. remind me to bring it for the next meeting!


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