Tuesday, October 05, 2010

After a long break

I can't recall when my last bread-making session was. I do know that I have been delay making it for a long time.

My family is basically very much into bread. Perhaps I should seriously considering picking up this skill.

My kids are a big fan of Hot Dog Bun or Cheese Bun. Don't ask me why. Each time when we visit a bakery, they always never missed picking up this as their first choice and I hated it. No matter how I persuade them of other choices, they stood firm with their decision.

You might think that I am terrible but I hope my kids to grow up exploring different type of food. Enjoy experiencing different varieties.

For me, if I dined out, I always like to experiment different type of food. For my hubby, he will always order the same thing and I am afraid that my kids will take after him - boring.

Anyway, these days, though prices remain, the size actually shrunk. I noticed that they no longer sell a full hot dog bun. The bun either become smaller or the hot dog cuts into two. So I decided to bake some for my kids.

If mommy masters it, I am sure more Hot Dog buns to come for them.


Recently I joined a baking club in which they have a recipe for members to try on a monthly basis.

For the September challenge, it is Sweet Bun Dough, recipe adapted from Alan Ooi.

Initially I find that my dough is very dry. Despite mixing the yeast with the water, I feel grainy texture on the dough. Perhaps it is the sugar. It only starts to have a smooth texture after I add in the butter.

I was kneading the dough with a dough hook and after 10 mins, the dough still didn't pass the stretch test. By then, I was afraid that I will burn the motor. I couldn't afford for it to send back to the workshop again. Thus, I decided to just cover with a damp cloth and let it proof for 45 min.

It didn't yield the volume even after an hour. I decided to cover it with a HOT damp cloth instead. A sigh of relief when I saw it doubled in volume. At least I don't need to dump the dough away. Phew.

Wasn’t good with shaping at all, definitely needs to work on this in future.

Texture is really soft despite so many hiccups. Thus I think this dough is very forgiving. It will be good for beginners like me.
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  1. My kids are the same too until I decided to start introducing new food at our own dinning table. My hubby & I will keep saying, "Sooo good! Yummy!" Then my kids will start to wavier and give it a try. It's a long process but at least they start to try new food. :) Will make hot dog buns next week....have not make them for at least half a year. :P

  2. I like hotdog and cheese buns too! May be I'm still like a child like your children :) Good try for this experiments! I think you must make more bread for your family if they are bread lover.

  3. Edith, my gal too, forever hotdog bun, I also asked her dun feel boring for that lol.

  4. The buns look good to me.
    My oven makes my buns dry, maybe because of the convection fan, I'm not sure. But I can't switch it off, becos there's no bottom heat. It relies on the circulation to bake the base. Unless I bake loaves, if not my buns always turn out dry. Even a plate of hot water on the base won't help.

  5. Oh my grandsons would love these hotdog buns! I'm too lazy to make bread nowadays. Used to be crazy making bread everyday.

  6. BL, yes I love Otah but unfortunately the stall near my hse is not good at all. :(

    HBS, my boy is not as adventurous as my gal. My girl will eye on yours if you don't offer and finally she couldn't resist, she will ask "may I try some of yours please?"

    KC, yes I know. I should right? but after I burnt that stupid mixer, the repair was damaging enough to create paranoid.

    Jess, kids are easy to please once they love something. it is like forever so.

    Wendy, I don't have this problem but mine I think need to control the heat more.

    J, I guess my turn will come soon as in being lazy. haha

  7. I think you did a great job in shaping the buns. My kids love hotdogs too, I wonder why?

  8. BH, not as good. out of the 12, only 5 managed to rise nicely, the rest like ah pui out of shape.

  9. Wasn't surfing blog for a while. All my kids love hotdog & chesse buns too. Very keen in the baking club, can reply or email the details to `prischew22@gmail.com'. Thanks!!


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