Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will life change after?

Yesterday starts a 6 month parenting course that I signed up. Yes, it has reached a stage that bad that I need to sign up a course to learn how to be a good parent.

Initially I wanted to go along with a friend who encountered similar experience as me but last minute her hubby wasn't for the idea. Thus I ended doing it alone.

The timing for the course is perfect because it is in the time frame that I am free. The only thing that I foresee is that I won't be able to hang around after class as I need to rush home and then go and pick up my kids. Luckily the journey home is only about 15 mins. Though it is 6 months long, it is actually a 3 months course minus those public holidays as well as school holidays.

The founder is a nice lady with vast experience in handling kids. Thus after a first session, I think I should learn something by the end of next year.

Seems like my classmates are all nice people and I actually can't wait to know them better.

Okay, enough said about the latest happening in my life. I was craving for Ang Koo Kueh for the longest time. In fact, I made some mung bean paste and I do have some leftover peanut mixture from my Ban Chan Kueh. The setback was I had a hard time finding banana leaf. Geesh, I really missed those days that I can just go into the garden and tear one off the tree. My helper was commenting that here in Singapore, we need to pay for leaf, over in Indonesia, she can just go to the yard and get them. Well that is city life I guess.

Anyway, enough said, here is my Ang Koo Kueh that I got the recipe from Florence's blog. (I just adore her blog as her recipes are so reliable, definitely for sure I won't waste my ingredients trying out pretentious ones).

Yum yum.


Since I still have sweet potatoes left, I decided not to keep it as most likely it will end up in the bin anyway. So I churned out some Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls that I used to eat when I was a kid. Many years, I have done a recipe on this but I think it is among the lot that got wipe out when my hard dish crashed.

So I have to attempt this based on gut feel and I am so happy that the end result is much better than the last. Even the tutor, who loves this, also commented that it is nice because of its chewy and crispy texture.

So I shall named this Edith's Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls. I couldn't resist popping these munchies one after another when it cooled down.


In the meantime, though I don't have any mooncakes to share as I can't find my photos. Nevertheless, I want to wish all readers a Happy Mid Autumn.

A beautiful night to bring your kids out for a walk.

What you need:

500g sweet potato
225g glutinous rice flour
10g corn flour
10g rice flour
170g castor sugar (adjust to your taste)
100ml water


Brush and clean sweet potato, cut into quarter and steam till soft. Scoop the flesh out and discard skin. Mashed while it is hot.

Add sugar. Mixed thoroughly.

Add in all the flours and water. Knead till it forms smooth dough.

Weigh about 14g each and roll into a ball.

Heat oil in wok and fry the balls to golden brown.

Cool and serve.

P/S: I wanted to apologise to those who tried this recipe and didn't find success. I missed out the water portion and had since amended it. So sorry.
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  1. A lovely afternoon tea time snack! Like old times to me! Love the golden brown hue of the sweet potato balls!

  2. Now, this sweet potato balls is truly Edith's version. Taste like mochi?
    Those that I know uses tapioca starch.
    There's one popo who lived nearby when I was a kid, and she sells these sweet potato balls and other traditional sweets for a living.
    Hers was the best, best ever with red bean fillings. But I cannot learn from her oredi, she passed away more than 20 yrs oredi.

  3. Yummy yummy, Edith, just some of the things that I love to snack on!

    And you are too much of a perfectionist, fancy taking a course to be a better parent!

    I believe that no matter what I do, they'll always find a reason to blame me for something, so I wouldn't bother! LOL

  4. You just made my favorite ang koo kuih! Yummy!

    HAHA! Agree with your helper totally! I think when compared to Malaysia, it's harder to source "traditional items and ingredients" in SG. And I noticed some Singaporeans pay for pandan leaves ... =_="" ... It's very urbanized! (I apologize if I'm too frank here. That's just my observation.)

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you!

  5. Edith, I love Ang ku kuih but only with peanut paste, I just bought from market on sun, yum yum. The sweet potato balls look so good too, you are making me hungry, I better go get my stomach fill up.

  6. Wow! Nice ang ku kueh you have! The last I had a nice one was actually from Bee Bee. Heehee...I've not had the courage to attempt this yet. Your deep fried sweet potato balls looks so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  7. I am very picky when eating ang ku kueh, the skin has to be soft and only with peanut filling :) However, fried sweet potato balls are my favourites ... yours look yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  8. Hi Edith,
    Your sweet potato balls really make me drooling. It's nicely golden brown. I'm a potato lover, this would be my favorite snack! Thanks for sharing

  9. Busygran, these reminded me of my childhood time that I spent with my granny. She will reward these when we are well behaved. A lady will peddle this in her basket door to door.

    Wendy, it is chewy like mochi. And it best eaten fresh because it is crispy on the outside as well. Definitely going to make these again.
    BL, you won't believe what I am going thru, thus I have no choice to go for it. Good for me too coz this will also allow me to have more friends. hahah

    I think you are right, being parents are such tough job but I guess at the end of the road, we can only give ourselves a pat on the shoulder when we groom someone to be independent and be a good person.

    Pei Lin, I hope to grow my own banana tree next year. hahha.. nothing is free in singapore and it is true.

    Try the recipe coz it is really very good. I will make this again.

    Jess, I love it with Peanut fillings too. But I had a hard time wrapping it. These days, those outside are like peanut paste. perhaps that is the reason why.

    Jane, try it not hard at all.

    DG, this recipe matches your liking. Try it.

    KC, this is good. Go for it.

  10. I miss ang ku kueh so much! Send some over to Taipei leh! ;-)

  11. Piggy, you can easily made these lah! Todate, I am still trying to convince hubby to make a trip to Twn with me. No luck. :(


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