Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sit back and enjoy

This week, my son actually has his Home Economic exam. On Thursday, it was one of my worse days ever. I got a call from him at 8am! His teacher, Ms Lee informed me that they are actually having Home Economic exam for his class and he didn't bring a single item for it. His reason was that he forgotten about it.

It was near impossible for me to run to the market to buy the beef, boiled the potatoes and bring all the items to school within the next 45 mins. At that point in time, I was prepared for him to get a BIG FAT ZERO.

The teacher understood my dilemma and was so graceful to postpone this test to next week just for my son. I was so relieved to hear it and I couldn't thank her enough.

Thing wasn't so smooth sailing because I have yet another call 1 hour later. I shan't know talk about that or else my blood pressure will shoot up again.

Nevertheless, after some tongue lashing and hopefully, he will soul searched himself, he was well behaved for the two days.

In fact, he told me that he will change his menu from Shepherd Pie which he practised the other day to Baked Rice.

He was pretty eager to cook this. With all ingredients on hand, he went on to cook Baked Rice for our dinner. I was pretty impressed with him because the recipe he researched was not the same he used. At least he knows how to improvise and added some vegetables.

He was his own judge and I am happy that he was also willing to take feedback and to improve the recipe further.

So my helper and I had a day off today preparing dinner. More to come? I hope so.

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  1. Kids.... always forgetful.
    Same thing happened during my home econs lab tests too.
    But I really like it that your son, as a boy is enjoying cooking.

  2. Wow, what are they doing now for Home Economics Exam? We used to cook dishes decided by the teacher... I think we used to cook fried bee hoon or something..

  3. Hi Edith,
    I can't believe this was baked by a teenager! I think nowadays, if youngsters are willing to learn, they can cook and bake very well! Plus, your son has a wonderful chef mother who can coach him. It's no wonder the baked rice looked so good!
    Btw, wish him all the best in his home econs exam. I'm sure he will pass with flying colours!:)

  4. WOW! That's prepared by your boy! You must be very proud of him! It seems like you've inspired him a lot from your cooking, may be baking later on. Give more encouraging on him, he is superb!

  5. Edith, your son has got your talent, he can bake so well!

  6. Well, we're all humans. I can be forgetful, too.

    Hey, at least your son can whip something up in the kitchen! Better than some who can't at all! As a parent, it feels sweet to just look ... not to mention eat ... the end product! =)

  7. Wendy, yes I think it is nice of him to have some interest.

    Shirley, these days Home Econ is very different from my time. Boys get to learn too and that is really good idea.

    Jane, I am actually seeing this trend now. When I was in my 20s, I don't even know a single soul at that age that loves cooking or baking but now I am seeing it. That is why so many baking schools are coming up. LOLz.

    Thanks for the wishes, I hope he will passed.

    KC, yes I was proud of him coz I didn't help at all. He was the one that cut, weighed, cooked and baked everything. Somemore tell me that he needs to garnish it. LOLz.

    Jess, I have no talent leh. Just masak masak in the kitchen lah.

    Pei Lin, forgetfulness is okay but not to the extend of forgetting EXAM lah.

    Yes it was a very sweet meal for us. As a mother, I feel that my kid has grown up to be able to handle themselves in the kitchen is very comforting.

    My daughter already asked how old then she can do it? hahaha


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