Friday, September 24, 2010

My favourite place

I was already running out of idea how not to cook meat on a Friday. Thus last Saturday, I spent the time at the library while waiting for my kids to finish their Taekwondo.

Since young, my mom always brings us to the library to borrow books. I enjoyed the structure of the old National Library. The high ceiling and the natural light that streamed in. When I heard that they wanted to tear it down, I was literally cursing. Can’t we maintain some heritage? Why must be we always be so realistic? Anyway, nothing much we, as Singaporean can do, isn’t it? Once a decision is made, nothing can change it so that beautiful building now makes way for modern ones. Haiz.

So I grew up enjoying being in the library. I remembered I even studied in the library because I needed that peaceful environment when I was staying in Marine Parade.

I am glad that I cultivated my kids to like library too. They will ask me to bring them there after a long absence. Kids these days are so tied up with school and activities that they don't really have that chance anymore. Thus when my son knows that I am going to the library he will always asked me to grab a few books for him.

Due to poor eyesight now, without my reading glass I am practically blind when comes to reading. Thus I have stopped reading novels and rely on baking and cooking books for reading pleasure as the fonts are generally a little bit bigger and pictures speak a thousand words.

Okay enough of my blabbering, here is a Colourful Fried Eggs that I picked out from the book. My daughter strangely likes century eggs and the combination of these 3 types of eggs churned out a really tasty dish and I am sure will cook this again.


Recipe loosely adapted from Cooking with eggs

What you need:

4 eggs
1 salted egg
1 century egg
2 tomatoes
2 stalks coriander (I didn't have this)
a dash of fish sauce
salt and pepper to taste


Boiled salted egg, deshell and diced.

Deshell century egg and diced.

Remove seeds of tomatoes and dice.

Beat eggs and add a dash of fish sauce and a pinch of salt. Add in century and salted eggs and the coriander.

Blanch tomatoes with a little oil.

Add beaten eggs to the tomatoes. Give it a quick stir and fry till it is cooked.

Serve with rice.
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  1. I really admire any kid who embraces the tradition/classic (including the nationa library or century egg :) :) btw, my dd seems ok the egg although still dare not taste the yolk yet :) I never went to that library, but from what you described, my heart also felt the pain...

  2. hey edith,

    I only enjoyed being in the library after I fell in love with baking. It is literally a treasure trove of reference materials.

    I like the idea of mixing 3 different kind of eggs. Am pretty much an egg person myself. this is a very well done dish!

  3. wow.. your girl likes century eggs! Till now I still couldn't accept the taste. However, this egg dish looks yummy!

  4. G, I too felt the pain when they made that decision. There so many beautiful buildings that our govt destroyed leaving us with so few heritage to show the next generation.

    ZY, haha... library has tons of treasures just need to discover them.

    KC, it is an acquired taste for century egg. I was rather surprised myself that my gal likes it.

  5. Edith, like you, I was influenced by mum who is also books lover and I influenced my daughter too, she enjoy reading books, enjoy at library, she also enjoy follow me to Giant, not to the food section, she will stay at the book section hahaha...

    I ate the 3 eggs cooking with veggie and with lots of gravy b4 but not fried eggs style, looks delicious.

  6. I have seen the 3 eggs recipe but in the steam version. Yours looked much more appetizing and good. ;) yum! I go to the library every 2 to 3 weeks to borrow booksfor my kids too. As you said, with their schedule, hardly have time to bring them there, so I have to do all the borrowing. :P


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