Friday, September 10, 2010

Is this the attitude?

This morning, I woke up with good mood as my girlfriend, L and her daughter are coming to play. I couldn't decide whether to cook a simple lunch or just dine out. Perhaps some time to bake some cookies too. Nevertheless, I know I will have an enjoyable time with them.

Since I didn't have many eggs left, I decided to make a trip to the vendor. Now that my son knew that I am getting some fresh eggs, he wanted half boiled egg for his after breakfast snack.

I couldn't go home directly as I couldn't get some ingredients that I needed and with a tray of eggs, my son went home first.

When I got home, I found 4 eggs boiling in the wok. I don't know how long it was left boiling in the wok but I definitely know it will never be soft boiled eggs.

True enough, it was semi hard by then and when my helper served it, my son refused to eat it!

His attitude was so bad as if the whole world owed it to him. I just loose it and started lecturing him. A lecture turned into a quarrel and fight. How clever he turned and twisted my words and started using it against me. Geesh, I was about to slap him when I realised that he can overpowered me if he wants to.

I was hopping mad and broke down. Right timing, my friend L arrived. L is such a cool dude. She was really calming me down. Told me to get a shower and give me an essential massage. What a nice friend isn't she?

Though my heart is still heavy but at least the pain in the head and heart ease off. Yes, I have a tendency to get a headache when I am too upset. This is not good sign as it might affect my blood pressure as well as stroke.

Being a parent to a teen is really tough. For me, I don't know how to be one. Everyone is telling me to leave him alone. Then again, what about discipline? What about mannerism? What about attitude?

During my time, if I were to talk to my parents in such manner, I think I will be rolling out of the house. These days, parents are at the mercy of the children and we have to suffer in silent?

He really had me doubting whether I have been a good mother. If I am one, then why is my son grew up to be like this?

I am seriously thinking how my life will be like in the next 8 years.

I know it is bad of me to have such thoughts but I do feel so frustrated that I had made a choice that I can't reversed. Arrgh!

On the happier note, after I calmed down with some really good massage by L. We, the girls, went on to bake some cookies.

It is an extremely easy recipe and I am sure you and your kids can do it too.

Since I had some sprinklers on hand, I thought the girls will love to have it on their cookies.

And this is what they had done.



The texture is a little chewy and I love the buttery taste to it. We all think that it is nice and definitely will try it again.


Thanks L for being here for me. You have helped me to learn how to love myself a little more.

What you need:

170g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
85g unsalted butter
120 brown sugar
90g castor sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
180g chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 180 degree. Lined baking pan.

Mix flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt together.

Cream the butter, sugars till light and fluffy. Add in beaten eggs and vanilla essence. Beat till everything is incorporated.

Add in chocolate chip into flour mixture.

Add flour mixture into batter and fold in till it forms a soft dough.

Using two small teaspoon, drop batter into the baking pan.

Sprinkle colourful sprinklers (optional).

Bake for 10 - 15 min till cookies is golden brown.

Cool slightly on tray and transfer to cooling rack to cool further.

Store in air tight container.
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  1. Hi Edith, the kids now are very different from our generation. I dun think that you are not a good mum, you are the best but your son is now a teenager which probably in the most rebellious stage.

    I heard a lot from my and my husband's colleagues. There was a sad case recently, a 16 yrs old boy that helped us as the promoter during the exhibition, jumped down from the flat after had a quarrel with his mum. I guess the kids cannot take much stress and pressure.

    Sorry if I scare you but pls try to cool yourself down before talking to your son. The kids buy soft approach rather than hard approach. I was one of them when I was teenager, the more hard approach my mum used, the more I will rebounce back.If she talked nicely to me, although I still talked back but inside my heart, I will反醒。

    Even now I am old aunty liao, I am stil behaving the same towards my husband.

    Cheer up and take care!

  2. oh forgot to tell u, my daughter loves your cookies, she saw and asked me to make her some hahaha...

  3. Edith,
    Teenagers today are quite different. They are exposed to a lot of information and are therefore indignant when their 'freedom' of what I want to do, to say, to think etc are restricted. So they will rebel at the slightest reproach. They feel that they are well-equipped with all the knowledge they have obtained from 'reliable' sources.
    I have dealt with children as well as teenagers and I know how they feel being scolded. Confrontation will always lead to arguments and then quarrels.
    Take care of yourself. All issues can be solved by talking through with love and understanding.

  4. Hi Edith, my heart went out to you reading abt the clash u had with yr boy. Do not doubt yr parenting skill, as i can tell u r a great mum fr yr blog post :) Cheer up and let God take care of the problem!


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