Sunday, September 19, 2010

Experiment No 3

We have been staying home on a Sunday pretty often these days. Partly because during the weekday, we were so busy that by Sunday, we just wanted to stay home to relax and do nothing.

Even though we, very much would love to catch up with some sleep but with my little chatty princess around. It is near impossible.

She is always talking about something. Now that she discovered that my new helper is more conversant in English. If she knows that she cannot "disturb" her parents, or her brother, she will find my helper and chat.

Due to her hearty nature and loud voice, gosh it mission impossible to seek peace when she is around. You will be hearing constant hearty laugh and her voice buzzing round the house. This is the time we wished for a bigger house.

Then again, we can’t complain as we are happy that she is a happy child.

For lunch, I proceed on to do my third recipe and thanks to Jo who took the trouble to scan a few recipes to me, I have chosen this because it is not a meat dish or should I consider so because there is fish paste in it.

Initially I tried getting fish paste in the supermarket but with no luck. Then I thought perhaps I should try the Yong Tau Foo stall in the wet market and I was lucky.

For 300g of fish paste at only S$2.00, I think it is not too bad. At least it saved me the hassle of churning fish paste from a whole fish.

My family and I enjoyed this and I hope you do too.

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  1. Edith,my gal is just like your daughter, she is very talkative too. My MIL ever said that when she is quiet, is either she is eating or sleeping hahaha...

    I love this dish, looks very good.

  2. Hey Edith,

    this really looks like one of the items from yong tau foo stalls. Very well done! Serve it with chili sauce and it will be good to go =]

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  4. Wendy, Actually this is my first time eating like this. I am not a very tau pok person, when I buy this from Yong Tau Foo stall, it is the soupy version not fried.

    Jess, same here. Or if she is not well, i can tell straight away. hahaha

    ZY, I totally forgotten about the chilli sauce by hey, it still tasted good without it.

  5. Yum!! I like Tou Fu Bok! This one looks really appetizing for me. Your girl is so lovely, I wish I could have someone keep talking with me just like her :)

  6. This is my favourite way of cooking tafupok!! Yours look delish!


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