Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dancing Queen

Today I volunteered as a parent volunteer for my daughter's dance rehearsal. Starting from P1 to P2, these little ones will get to perform in their school Dance Fest.

I guess it was the exposure that her kindergarten gave her. Since playgroup, they were trained to perform in front of a big crowd. Thereafter, her exposure with a music school was the same. Thus I guess why my little princess doesn't get stage fright. In fact, she enjoyed it so much and was always the smiley one in all her performance photo.

I was pretty impressed by last year's Dance Fest. Each class has its own theme. Though it is just a few minutes of dancing, the girls were dressed in full gear. The details were amazing. From head to toe, everything co-ordinates.

Since I enjoyed it so much, this year, I signed up without hesitation. Unfortunately, my hubby won't be able to witness her final year Dance Fest. I am sure little princess will be even more delighted if daddy is there.

I prepared some moonies to share with DW and CN as I know they will be there to help out as well.

Being out half the day, I knew I need to settled down quickly to work. But I got carried about by some admin work and then I decided to bake some curry puff for the kids. Yes, lately my kids are crazy over curry.

Since I had some puff pastry in the freezer, I might as well used it up to free up the space.

The fillings was prepared by my helper which isn't really my cup of tea but the kids were lapping it up quickly. If it is good enough for them, I can't complain. Can't I?

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  1. I'm always crazy about curry :-)

    My girl couldn't do dance, she's already as big and clumsy as an elephant, it'll be a disaster.


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