Sunday, September 12, 2010


I can never be a vegetarian. Though I am not a heavy meat eater but I love seafood, chicken and beef! Maybe I can skip pork but I doubt I can do away with meat.

I always think that cooking ribs is not easy and it is rather time consuming. Thus I rather eat out than to prepare it myself. A recent trip to the supermarket, I spotted some good deal and I couldn't resist not buying two racks to bring home for experiment.

I should have it marinated the night before but then again, this long weekend was just lazing around doing nothing that I got bored out of my mind and just playing Bejeweled most of the time while hubby was feverishly working on his presentation for his week long seminar next week.

Sudden thought, if I don't cook it now, hubby will not have a chance to eat with us for the next two weeks.

So I kick start my engine and got to work.

By night fall, my little one was rumbling with hunger. Geesh, this holiday she eats so much that I can see her bum getting as fat as mine.

Hubby was cautiously warning me that we have to control her diet soon. Don't need to two hippos trumping round the house. LOLz.

I am glad that it didn’t take long to cook my Honey Baked Ribs. The ribs were juicy and thick with meat that my helper and I couldn’t even finish our portion.

I got a thumb’s up by hubby and the kids. Yea!

Thus you see, cooking is much easier than baking. Baking is about precision and science whereas cooking is about instinct based on our five senses. For those who doubt themselves as to whether you can cook. You will be surprise. Just like me, I didn’t think my ribs will turn out and liked by my family.

Trust your instinct and start cooking today. You might turn out to be better than what you thought. Go for it.


Now, let’s embrace this new term and the start of the final year examination preparation.

Like what my friend L said, All is well.
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  1. Oh yea, I agree with you that cooking would be much easier than baking as it need much patient. It's so glad to get some praise from the family when they appreciate your cooking. That's the most wonderful things cooking at home.

  2. There's nothing scary about cooking ribs. But baking is the easiest way :)
    Hope to see more baked ribs here in this blog.

  3. Nice ribs! Agree that cooking is more trial and error!
    I baked ribs for Christmas only when we really go all western with roast beef or pot roast and all the side dishes to go!

  4. Agree with you! Cooking has much less hassle involved ... think about the gadgets involved. When it comes to cooking, I usually don't follow the recipe to a tee unless I'm confident or totally new to the dish. I just agak-agak most of the time. Surprisingly, too, that most of the best dishes I've come up so far are the ones I made out of randomness, laziness and in the last minute. LOL!

    Your honey-baked ribs look succulent! I didn't know you ain't a big fan of pork!!?? @@

    Aiya, still got a loving family who supports your cooking and baking adventures! Good enough lar ... Your daughter won't "prosper horizontally" like I do lar ... ZzZz ...


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