Monday, September 27, 2010

After the vroom, what is next?

After the vroom vroom last weekend, the next big event will be EXAM FEVER! At least for us Singaporean parents.

Time zapped by faster than the microwave. We are so near to the end of the year. I bet many parents are busy ensuring that their kids are keeping up with school work and getting them ready for the exam and I am no difference from you.

I wonder whether you have read the weekend article on tutors earning big bucks and the follow up replies in the forum today. For me, I think it is our school system has this big opportunity created for these tutors. Those that I read on papers are not the only one that gave up teaching profession and turned private tutors. I have known many ex teachers who decided to changed profession. After all, with the qualified background, they can even demand high fees. Much better than the stressful environment that they have to deal with like meeting the school and parents' expectation.

Well, I will leave this topic for another day.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing the last paper. Unfortunately, my girl will have another week to go after her brother ended his. I will have a big headache keeping them apart and ensuring the other is focused.

Well, let's see whether I can sign him up on any sport activities that I can keep him away from his little sister.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this Stir fry potatoes with anchovies and peanuts. Definitely goes well with a bowl of hot porridge on a rainy day.


Adapted from Curry Flavour

What you need:

100g anchoviews (cleaned and deep fried)
100g peanuts (roasted and skin removed)
200g potatoes (cooked and deep fried)
3 stalks dried chilli (clean with damp cloth)

1 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp lime juice

2 red chilli
2 clove garlic


Heat up 3 tbsp oil and stir fry red chilli and garlic till fragrant.

Add in brown sugar and lime juice and stir till sugar melted.

Add in the rest of the ingredient and stir till it is coated with the syrup.

Serve either with rice or porridge or it can be a snack.
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  1. I would happily eat this with rice or porridge :)

  2. Edith, I love this, my mil always cook with minced meat, your version looks delicious too!

  3. Hi Edith,

    Looks yummy! Definitely goes very well with porridge.


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