Thursday, August 26, 2010

Such hard find

Two weeks ago, I was wondering how to make my boobs' cake as I don't own bowl shaped cake pan. I wasn't sure whether for just ONE cake, I should run out and buy myself one. Will you do that?

Remembering two years ago, I helped my long time friend, CL to frost a cake for her 11 year old daughter's birthday and she has this 6" bowl shaped pan. I borrowed from her since she told me that she hardly bake these days.

In the end, I didn't use it as it was way too big for my tiny cake. I went round again searching for two bowl shaped pans that fit. You won't believe that it is so difficult to find bowl shaped pan. I ended up buying two stainless bowls and it didn't have a round bottom. So if you are reading this and know where I can buy small bowl shaped pan, do buzz me.

Initially I wanted to bake a Castle cake for my princess but when she saw a book that I was browsing; my little one decided that she wanted a puppy cake instead. Since I am still holding on to the "loan" pan, it was a perfect timing. The cake needed two different size bowl pans. Once again, I went in search of a 8" bowl pan and again, it was a failed mission.

In the end, I needed to bake normal round cakes and shaved off to size. Of course, alot of wastage but what to do. Now I know why sculptured cakes are so expensive.

My son, like all boys is a soccer craze. Sometime people mistaken him as non Chinese as he is extremely tanned due to the twice a week training in school.

He wanted to celebrate his birthday later and wanted a football cake. I readily agree to make a soccer ball thinking that it should be easy. This is great because then I can use the pan again. Unfortunately I couldn't hold on to the "loan" pan for long as CL needed it back.

Since I promised my son, with the pan returned, the more I found a reason not to hesitate anymore. Sometime borrowing stuff can be inconvenient. Now it is something that I can call my own! So more bowl shaped cakes to come. Yea!

I didn't know forming a soccer ball is so hard. I had a hard time making it round despite having the pans. I simply don't understand, the only conclusion I had was that my cakes were domed shaped after baked and I needed to shave up the top to bind the two sides together. Also, I experimented with a different cake recipe and perhaps it was too soft to hold the shape.

Second blunder was that I got the colour in the opposite direction. Should be more white than black but I really got distracted by many phone calls today ..... so here is my deflated soccer ball and I believe this is the ugliest soccer ball cake you witness.

Sorry big man, your ball needs some air.

Happy Birthday sweet.

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  1. I'll be making a soccer ball for my daughter's 21st birthday in a couple of month's time. She enjoys watching football. She doesn't want anything too girly or 'ku niang'! Judging from your write-up, I'm having second thoughts. Nah! I'm going to take up the challenge.
    Edith, I can be reached at:

  2. Edith, your son must be jumping, such a great birthday cake he got and happy belated birthday to him!

  3. It's the thought that counts. From the conception to the presentation just shows how much making this cake meant to you. No wonder mum's the greatest in the world. This is a nice football to have. I know it's not easy to make this and carved out the different sections and piece them together. Great job Edith!

  4. I'm sure your son appreciates the effort you've put in, besides how many kids have mums who bake AND keep a blog =ppp

    By the way, I so understand what you're going through. For me, when I'm in a baking supply shop I see LOTS of things I wanna buy but hold back because I may jolly well use once and keep forever. And the moment I make the choice NOT to buy, I need it so badly the next second that I sometimes have to rush to the store to buy it. And sometimes, the frantic search for the right tool is futile. Super frustrating. hehe

    Your kids are fortunate who have a mummy who can whip up so many goodies! =D

  5. This soccer ball cake is really interesting and it comes quite at the right moment, considering that the world cup was held recently. The ball doesnt look deflated to me. Quite rounded I must say. Great effort there! Look foward to your bowl shaped bakes.. =]


  6. Edith, Really hat's off to you! That ball cake covered in fondant is really a challenge. But shows how much you loved your boy and I am sure he is elated to have this as his birthday cake.


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