Monday, August 02, 2010


Due to the weather, I have been slacking a lot at home. When it shone, my mood changed to frustrated, irritated and moody. When it rained, I become sleepy. Either way, I am doomed.

This one week wasn't easy as CA2 is fast approaching. I have been getting my girl to work diligently on all her assessment books. Poor child, yet what can I do? I sometime wished that it will be easier and the kid learnt through play but a pity that this system isn't like this.

As my son doesn't have CA2, it becomes worse for me to get him to revise diligently on each topic covered.

As this weekend, I am having a Blogger's Party at my place. A good excuse to spring cleaned my place. Thus, I am also trying to sieve those tons of newspaper cuttings featuring recipes. To throw or not to? It is never an easy decision. In the end, it ended up back into the box. Haiz... wondering when will I get that courage to just shut my eyes and dumped everything away. I don’t think another house move will changed a thing. I will still obediently carry the whole lot to the new place like what I done for the last. Sometime I wished I have a basement or an attic that I can hide all these away. Maybe before my death bed, I will have an excuse that I don't need these anymore. LOLz.

Have I been baking? Yes I did. I baked a sponge cake that I threw it away because it collapsed again. I reckoned that I didn't beat long enough. I wanted to replicate the Lychee Martini Cake that I had when I met up with my school buddies last Friday. Too bad, didn't go according to plan. Next I baked a chocolate cake. Yet it didn't turn out how I like it. I made another round of soya bean milk too but I am still feeling lost.

Maybe recently I kept having ulcers. Something that is new to me as I am not prone to it at all. I really sympathised with my hubby when he has them (which is often). This little sore really upsets me.

I am not sure whether it has to do with the B complex vitamin that I have been taking for my nerve problem. It seems so, perhaps I should wean it off for a week to see whether it is the source.

Then I remembered my mom’s remedy of healing ulcers, Tomatoes with sugar. She said to prepare some fresh tomatoes, sprinkle some sugar and eat it raw. It works on her, so now let’s see whether it works on me.

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  1. Wow, the tomato and sugar is something new. My dad gets ulcer pretty frequently and his remedy is to gurgle with Listerine frequently, confirm ulcer gone in two days!

  2. Edith,

    So sorry to hear abt the ulcer. Hope you recover by now. Gurgle salt water, give it a try.


  3. Edith, I'm sorry to hear about what you're going thru ... Think both of us are having mood swing ... Except mine isn't caused by Mother Nature but by lack of sleep and work pressure. (Just got back from work ... like at 9.30 p.m. or something.) Not too sure if I can make it through this week with another blog post ... *Sigh* Hey, stay positive, K? I'll always support you!

    Thanks for the tips on healing ulcers! Never knew of the tomato plus sugar thingy ... Will try that the next time. I think I'm prone to getting ulcer(s) when I'm SUPER stressed out, like now, and "overheated." Lately though, been gargling a lot due to the recent tooth extraction. Wonder if I'll get one. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Heat is a cause to that, I think.

    LOL'ed at your spring cleaning plan! Just keep the recipes! I shipped my 2 years worth of recipes from the States to Malaysia! Couldn't bear dumping the recipes away! Can you imagine how heavy are mine altogether? Can't beat me for sure. LOL! You poor thing ... You don't have to do this for us ... I'm sure we're fine with anything. =)

    Take care till then, K? Looking forward to seeing a sunny Edith. =D

  4. Thanks for the concern girls! I usually don't suffer from this torturing sore thus I am so "fragile".

    Quinn, doesn't like the smell and taste of Listerine. :)

    Seems like my ulcer is much better and that tomatoes works!

    Pei Lin, it is one of those moods swing I have. Terrible me right? At least you have all the right reason to have them. None for me. LOLz.

    No worries, life is always ups and downs. That makes it beautiful.

    See ya real soon.

  5. I learn something new. Thanks for that! And don't feel bad about slacking. I am guilty too. :(

  6. I learn something new. Thanks for that! And don't feel bad about slacking. I am guilty too. :(


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