Sunday, August 29, 2010


My helper was telling me about Tau Suan this week. Since I am going to the supermarket yesterday, I grabbed a bag of green bean split beans. Was looking for a smaller bag but it wasn't available. To be honest, though I like this but I am not sure how my kids will take to it.

My helper helped to soak the beans last night and by this morning, it was all steamed and ready for me to prepared this in the morning.

I knew that there is a You Tiao store near my place, unfortunately, our timing is too perfect. The store was CLOSED today. Strange because it is a Sunday, business should be good. Perhaps some family problem that they are unable to open the store.

So there you go, our breakfast of Tau Suan. I had a strong hunch if I added the You Tiao, my kids will at least try it. Now we have a pot of it, seems like we are going to have this as tea snack again later on.

Home made stuff is so much better, we can control the sweetness to our liking. Great.


What you need:

250g Split mung bean (easily avail in supermarket)
Sugar to taste
1.5 cup Water
Potato starch
Yu Tiao


Soak mung bean overnight. Drained and then steam till it is soft. Set aside.

Boil water and add in sugar to taste.

Thicken syrup with potato starch, you can start off with 2 tbsp and progress from there till it thickens.

Add in cooked mung bean, stir and served hot with yu tiao.
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  1. Agreed that homemade is better. I like your tau suan, so full of beans! Pity no yu tiao!

  2. Edith, I made tau suan too but yours look so much nicer :)

  3. This looks so good Edith! This was actually in my planning list! However, I've not bought the beans yet. Will try it in the next few weeks! Yummy!

  4. I didn't know about Tau Suan until I came to Singapore. Then I tried it at a food court which I find it quite nice! I think it's quite healthy too right?

  5. Thanks for the reminder, I am planning to try make this dessert when my DH is back next month. He loves this and since it will be my first attempt, I hope he will not be too disappointed, wish me luck! I wish I can cook as good as you :)

  6. Hi,
    Able to share this tao suan recipe pls? thks inadv :)

  7. wow, wonderful breakfast. i have long never eat tau suan already because my dad like to eat, normally will eat together whole family. as now im in singapore and he is in malaysia and i have long never eat liao. thanks for sharing you wonderful breakfast with us.

  8. Edith, your Tau Suan looks really good! I have never made these before - I should really give it a go!

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  10. Yes Busygran, it was a pity no yu tiao.

    Jess, you did. I like tau suan esp homemade, not too sweet.

    PAB, do try it. It is yummy.

    KC, I don't know whether healthy or not but it is nice to eat with yu tiao.

    HHB, I am sure he won't be disappointed.

    Cheezyheart, thanks for dropping by and sorry for the delay becoz my hard disk crashed and I was not able to access my comp

    Personal Trainer, hope you get to eat this again with your dad when you go home for a visit. I am sure it will be the best ever tasting tau suan for you. Thanks for dropping by.

    Shirley, go for it.

  11. HI Edith, I made tau suan using your recipe. The flavor was very good but the mung beans was broken up into fragments after it was added to the soup. How do I avoid this from happening? I soaked the beans for about 3 hours in water and then steamed them in a bowl. Thank you.

  12. Hi Kathy, the mung bean shouldn't be broken up if you just mixed in. Did you boil it?

    The other reason that I can think of could be the mung bean type that you bought cannot withstand too long soaking.

    Then again, if it can't, you could have already had broken beans when you steamed it.


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