Thursday, August 26, 2010


Beginning of the year, I tried baking Crackle cookies as one of the item for my Lunar New Year goodies. Though it was nice, but I did encounter some problem moulding these. It just melts too fast in my hands. I don't know whether it is because of my body temperature (my body temperature is generally hotter than most people).

Anyway, met up with three bloggers, Shirley from Kokken, ZY, from Baking Libraryy and Jo from Sugar and Everything Nice)on Tuesday for a discussion of a forthcoming event. During our meal cum chatting session, Jo was telling me her success with this cookies.

I was very keen as the way she described really entice me to try again. Finally she posted up her recipe and I went about to it almost immediately.

Everything went really smoothly. I got all my ingredients measured and was in the midst of playing with my dough when the phone rang. Somehow I got distracted, and absentmindedly pick up a bottle out of my drawer. Without checking, I started pouring it into a plate, then scooping the dough and dropping them onto the plate.

By the time I realised, I was already almost done with my first tray. Darn, I actually rolled them in Tapioca flour! My helper while cleaning the drawer has shifted the positioning of the bottle of icing sugar.

Yes, I can remember all the positioning of my stuff. Even if I go blind, I know which corner, which row or which side my stuff are placed in.

Luckily for me, the cookies didn't turn out badly. In fact, it looks much prettier than my second batch of cookies.

Thanks Jo, this is so deliciously good. The texture is crisp on the outside and yet not hard in the inside. Truly addictive. Like what you said, definitely a keeper.


Happy TGIF everyone. I am looking forward to a night of relaxing and catching up with a group of friends over a glass(s) of drinks.

This weekend will be busy as I have to craft out sugar toppers for Teachers' Day. Hope I have enough energy to bake a pie that I have been eyeing on.
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