Sunday, August 08, 2010

My first bloggers' party

Have you ever wonder how does your favourite blog writer looks like? Well I do. The thought of putting a face to the blog writer has always been nice.

Thus, I always been keen to have a bloggers' party but yet I have a fear that no one will come as Singaporeans are the shy type.

When Pei Lin from Dodol and Mochi said that she will be heading for Singapore during the National Day weekend, I was excited. Next, she planned to organise a bloggers' gathering and that excites me further.

I was already thinking which venue we can choose that allow us to chat and don’t feel bad occupying seats in a restaurant or café if we stay too long. I am sure the restaurateur will chase us away.

Thus I volunteered to have it hosted at my place. It was a good decision because we started at 12 noon and didn't end till 6pm! You won't believe we can talk for that long.

Time flew past just like that. It is amazing how a stranger can become friend just like that. I guess we all have the same passion and that explains why.

As it is a potluck party, everyone get to bring something. Here is just a glimpse of some of the items. Compared to my fellow bloggers, I can only offer Bundung Drink. :) Terrible me. Couldn't do more as I was suffering from a hangover.

Sorry folks, I was just too busy eating Mee Rebus that those dishes like Almond Cream, Agar Agar and Mango with Pomelo that were served later didn’t get a shot.


This is really good. A change from the heavy and starchy version.


This is good, not too spicy and very aromatic. I have two servings of bread to dunk into that lovely curry.


This swiss roll is very interesting. It has sweet and yet salty taste to it. Love it.


These are good. Love the nuttiness and the crunch even though I prefer chewy cookies but this is nice.


I didn’t get to eat this as I was already filled up.


Though green tea is my favourite but white chocolate is not. I managed to try the Rum and Raisin and I can only tell you this. Shiok. A pity I didn't get a chance to sample the rest as I was busy chatting away.


I didn’t get to eat this too.


The texture of this tart is awesome. I like the texture and it is not overly sweet.


I have never tasted Durian Tart thus this is something special. Now I need to ask Pei Lin how to do this.

Next time I know that if there is a bloggers' party, I have to skip breakfast and yak less. LOLz.

So let's hope my blogger friends enjoyed themselves as much as I. Let's do it again soon.

Thanks Pei Lin for organising it and that Salted Fish head!

Thanks Shirley for that lovely thought and that bag. Definitely useful.
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  1. Hi Edith,
    Yes, you were REAL quick to offer your place! I can see why. It's such a beautiful abode. If I had a place like that, I'll offer it anytime boy!
    Thanks for your bandung drink. Luckily you didn't prepare anymore food! Otherwise, you'll truly get a food "hangover" today! I'm glad you like the almond cream. :)
    Have a good National Day holiday!

  2. Edith, thank you so, so much for the generosity and hospitality you and your family had shown! I'm touched! No worries of food supply! Air bandung served its part well! LOL! We still had oodles of leftover!

    Hopefully, I'll get to see you and your family again! Let me know when you stop by KL! Will bring to try the famous Ampang 釀豆腐!

  3. Awesome spread! That's the wonder of potluck! You must have enjoyed yourself tremendously!

  4. looks like so much fun! I will come back for your recipes!!

  5. Hi Edith,

    I can't thank you enough for opening up your place! It was truly a fun get-together and nice knowing each and everyone I met!

    Hope we'll have another one soon!!

    You Fei

  6. Hi Edith!

    Thanks for uploading the photos!

    Your've got a lovely house and you are a good host too!

    I felt really at home and welcomed :)
    Thanks for everything!

    Yan ee

  7. Congrats on your bloggers' party! I could still remember your post on inviting bloggers over to your house, I am sure you must be surprised by the warm participation :)

  8. Edith you are real fast! Thanks for hosting in your beautiful house, I had a wonderful gathering yesterday and I am missing so much of it! Oh missing the food too hahaha...

  9. PAB, Glad that you enjoy the party.

    Shirley, I should have eaten breakfast so that I can have more servings of your mee rebus.

    Pei Lin, without you, this party will never be possible. Thanks so much.

    Busygran, you able to come for the next one?

    Thanks Mr Pineapple man for dropping by.

    You fei, it was good that you can make it.

    SSL, i am happy that you are comfortable.

    HHB, come for the next one. We are harmless and won't eat you up. hahaha. Everyone wants to see you leh.

    Jess, you were funny about the timing. Next time, get your hubby to do the driving around. hahaha

  10. So much food and fun! All of you must have enjoyed tremendously!

  11. Looks really fun with all the good food and great company! Will join you ladies that round.

  12. It is always fun to have a blogger's party...

  13. Hi Edith,
    You took very nice pictures! I like it very much! Thanks again for your comfortable place and your bandung drink. We really need it after all the foods, it's very refreshing!

  14. Hi Edith,

    Thanks for hosting your lovely home to accomodate us for the party. I like your spacial open concept kitchen.

    It was definitely a successful and fun-filled event. I would to thank your husband too for offering to give some of us a ride to lavendar station. Its really nice of him.

    Hope to see you and everyone again soon. Take care and happy blogging, cooking and baking =]


  15. Hahaha!! Of course Edith's fast, she drafted this post long ago!!!!
    I saw it pop on my update list, but the post was no where to be seen.

  16. I read about this at Jess's blog. It is a delicious spread of yummy food :)

  17. Wen, we did enjoy ourselves very much. Next one you will be invited.

    Thanks Jessie for dropping by.

    Mery, yes it is always fun. Especially with like minded people.

    Kitchen Corner and Bakertan, it is a pleasure having you all.

    Ha Wendy, I only drafted this one in the night after the party. I guess you saw the Title coz I usually bookmarked them in my Waiting list till I am ready to draft. A reminder for me that I already have a post for that day.

    Thanks Tigerfish for dropping by.

  18. wow, so much food! I'm so jealous lah, too bad I'm not in SG!

  19. Heard from pei lin that you all had a great time together, so unfortunate that I can't join you all this time:( hope I am able to for the next round.


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