Monday, August 23, 2010

Just in time

I fell ill on Saturday. First started off with a bad running nose and then I could feel the pain enveloping my body. I knew straight away that I am falling sick.

That one and half hour sitting there waiting for my girl to be done with her Speech and Drama class was still bearable but after lunch, I knew it is going to be bad. We waited another one hour for the kids to finish with their Sunday school lesson. Lucky thing, the kids start their taekwondo lesson earlier than usual. So I was able to swing back home and rest.

I spent the remaining Sat and Sun in bed. I couldn't get myself up to bake a cake for my daughter. By night fall, I knew I have to do it no matter what because I already promised her. Summon just enough energy to put three cakes into the oven and have my helper monitor for me.

This morning, hubby was kind to ferry both kids to school. Thus at least I got an half an hour extra to rest and with two hours left, I managed to dress the birthday cake.

It was such a sloppy job but I couldn't ask for more.

Little one was disappointed as she wanted a white and black puppy. I couldn't get hold of black fondant and simply has no energy to blend and knead black into my white fondant.

Sorry baby, I promised next year Mommy will do a better job.

Happy 8th Birthday sweet heart.

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  1. The doggie looks so cute.
    I'd be yelping with delight if my momma makes me this when I was 8.
    The cake looks fine to me, maybe you're just too hard on yourself.

  2. I can and will never do something like this...but I am beginning to appreciate that this is the kind of stuff mummies have to do nowadays...Sigh... Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Edith, you done a wonderfuljob! the puppy is so cute and look so innocent that I feel like patting the head. I believe your gal will be so much appreciated with the best present in the world.

    Take good care and get well soon. Do rest more and drink plenty of water.

  4. Hi Edith,
    I hope you are recovering well and back to your own self already. Do rest well as the weather is bad and makes people sick.
    The puppy looks very pretty. I believe my niece would love this when she sees it! She loves dogs. In such short time, you can manage such a nice cake is a very good job.
    It's just tough being a mum, and to please the children, isn't it?
    Take care friend.

  5. Awww... the puppy is sooo cute! What a fantastic mummy you are despite being ill, you used every ounce of energy to do something so cutey!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    And you take care, rest well.

  6. Edith, this is good enough! If I were your daughter, I'd so elated by your effort and the cake! It looks impressive!

    Take care! Get well soon!

  7. What a lovely puppy! I won't show it to my younger child, I am sure he will want to have one for his birthday ;)

    Hope you have recovered! Do take good care of yourself. The worst thing for a SAHM is to fall sick. We don't have sick leave, do we?

  8. First of all, thanks for all your concerns, I am overwhelmed by your kind comments. For a long time, my comments box hasn't been that "active".

    Thanks you I am feeling much better. Let's hope no second bout.

    Wendy, I know I could have done better last. Thanks.

    Shirley, I too never know I am capable of such. I guess when the time comes, it is just flow naturally. I am better now, see you tonite.

    Jess, puppy needed more work but I guess I couldn't ask for me at that time. hehe.. Thanks for checking in.

    PAB, yah, I heard alot of pple are down with flu too. Initially my gal wanted a poodle but I managed to convince her to take one that was done by Debbie Brown. LOLz.

    Totally agree with you on pleasing our kids. hahaha

    Thanks Busygran. I guess I didn't know what Mother's love is all about till I have one myself. I kudo you. I still have a long way to go.

    Thanks MeRy.

    Pei Lin, if my kids are as hardworking as you, I will be very contended liao. Thanks for checking in.

  9. The doggie is so adorable! I can totally understand the feeling of having to slog over the oven when you're unwell!

    For someone who's feeling under the weather, being able to bake the cakes and dress them up is no easy feat!

    Kudos to mummies! They somehow summon unimaginable strengths =)

  10. Hey, hope you've fully recover now! The puppy looks great for me. Your daughter is lucky enough, I'm sure she appreciate it in her heart. You did a great job!

  11. It still looks lovely to me, made with love from mommy to daughter. Rest well and get mentally prepared for next year's cake. :D

  12. hi Edith.. first time coming by to visit your food blog..


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