Friday, August 20, 2010

In no mood to ....

I have not been “talking” in my blog for nearly a week! Besides being busy with the day to day routine with the kids, I was also confided in with some very sad happenings about a friend. I was helpless and I didn't know how to help. The day received the call, I lost a sense of direction for the whole day. I couldn’t eat, I could function. I felt so lousy.

To make matter worse, the whole life experience 7 years ago came flashing back. I was afraid things will repeat it self considering both stories have so much similarities. I was so afraid to feel that same pain once again.

My heart was so heavy that I myself was in a daze.

Lucky for me, I have someone to turn to and they gave me so much encouragement to help this person. I am happy to say that at least for now, I am happy to know that I can provide some comfort for this friend. I really pray hard that she is able to see hope and light and not complete darkness. She will, definitely, not be alone to face up to this challenge.

My hubby in the meantime came to know about this and he has been phoning back daily to check on me. Ensuring me and supporting me. I felt so blessed.

Thus I have been spending time with her and hopefully rubbing some good vibes onto her and I am glad that she seems better now. Let’s hope with a clearer mind, she can find a purpose in life.

I am also pleased that I ended this work week with a gathering among some classmates of mine. AC will be leaving for France and she wanted very much to catch up with some old mates before her departure. Of course, being a social butterfly I am delighted to welcome all of them for dinner.

Decided to do Asian this time round and the girls were okay with it.

Kung Po Chicken which I have been craving for as well.


Mixed Vegetables


Tofu stuffed minced meat




We ended the dinner with Double boiled pear with almond as desserts.


After the hot dessert, we rested a while before proceeding onto a Strawberry Ice Cream cake that AC bought.

Sorry folks, I realised my photos are out of focus. Well, when one is not focussing even photos are out of focus.

I am so glad weekend is here and we are spending time once again as a family.

Bon Appétit and AC, have a safe journey home. See you next year with your wine and Foie Gras.
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