Saturday, August 07, 2010

For a friend

I got to know SH via SY for quite awhile. Back then, she was still a young girl just entered into the work force.

Among the group, she was youngest and because of her bubbly charisma, I was "attracted" to her personality. She has no air about her background. She is humble and sweet. She doesn't display a spoilt brat attitude at all.

I witness her getting married and today she turned 30. Time really flies. LT, her good friend asked me to bake a cake for SH. Initially it was supposed to be an Underworld theme but when SH's mom came to know about it and was asked to dress as a Chinese vampire, she freaked out and thus SH has to change the theme to Masquerade. I was already mid way through the crafting, no choice, dumped the whole concept and went back to my drawing block.

Though I got many inspirations from the internet, I still wasn't sure where I was heading to when I started "dressing" up the cake. For this reason, it took me a long time to complete it.

I kept changing my mind but after a day and a half of hard work, this is my final piece.

Wanted to give it some shine but somehow my lustre dust don’t seems to distribute evenly and beside the white base that supported the numbers, it should have been black.

Overall, I was pleased with it. Are you?

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  1. Edith, the cake is incredible beautiful! I love the metalic color for both the mask and top layer cake, SH must b over the moon when she recd the cake! Next time pls teach me how to do it, thanks in advance ya :p

  2. WOW! Incredible cake! Great skills!

  3. Thanks Jess, I am still learning, we can explore together.

    Thanks busygran.


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