Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do you know ?

This post was long overdue.

Hubby came home from Jakarta and brought back two boxes of this Rum Roll that L claimed was really nice. His son, alone can eat up the whole roll which is about 30cm long.

When I opened up the box, it has this lovely rum smell. I can't say that the roll is nice. Though soft, the cake was too moist and the custard wasn't something that I will rave about. Though I can smell strong rum but I couldn't really taste it in the cake.

But I must say, this cake definitely keeps well. After a week, it is still soft. Now it gets me thinking about what kind of preservative is being used.

Anyway, I am sure I can make improvement to it, at least to our liking. Has anyone eaten this before and has a similar recipe that I can experiment?

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  1. Edith, I just went Jakarta at end July but no one tell me about this rum roll leh... next visit I must go try it, pls help me to ask your husband where did he buy from. thanks!

  2. OK i will get the tel no coz they can deliver straight to your hotel. By Indo standard, I think rather expensive.

  3. This rum roll looks nice. Have you searched the web and see if there are any recipes out there? What about its indo name? What is it called? I didn't know of such nice roll...

  4. Hi Edith,
    This is something very new to me. I've not seen or eat this before. It does looks pretty like swiss roll but I'm so curious about the texture.

  5. Edith,
    Indon recipes loves to use ovalette, something of which they call as SP. I've searched a few of their popular cakes (in Bahasa Indonesia) and almost all of them uses ovalette.
    And their sponge rolls can keep for days w/o referigeration. I don't think I want to know what's in it, if not I'll think twice of eating.


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