Monday, July 05, 2010

The test with a giveaway

This little project has been brewing in the pot for approx 2 weeks. Thanks to Wendy of Table for 2 who highlighted me on this challenge.

You see, I missed out her blog post when I was out of town and I am glad that she informed me about this. Somehow, I just couldn't find time to go to the supermarket to get the milk as we drinks fresh milk and that didn't work as proven before.

Actually I was eager to find the right method and the perfect recipe for Ginger Milk Curd but with Table for 2's give away, it was even a bigger motivation factor to try it again so soon. Though I have no such luck on such events, but hey, who knows right? I might be the next lucky gal.

The experiment started with me extracting the ginger juice. This time round, I pour it immediately into the serving cup.

Next I actually re-boiled the milk many times because I couldn’t get the 85˚C as stated. By the last time, I gave up. I tested the milk at 75˚C when I poured into the ginger juice.

I was hoping for a miracle when I put in the spoon as a challenge to see whether my project is successful. I was delighted to see that my spoon didn’t sink. Thus for a moment, I thought I did it.


But on the second test, the texture failed miserably. It was watery. It looks like milk turned bad.


Here is the brand that I used.


So Wendy, I don’t know whether the temp is the culprit here but I might give it another go a few days later.
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  1. Now you got my head scratching,
    How come your milk boiled at 75C??? My milk boiled at 90C plus.
    75C didn't work with me, I did that before.

  2. Don't give up. You're almost there!

  3. Wendy, I was so afraid that I will burnt the milk. I will try again later. Never say die, die die must succeed. hahhaa.

    Busygran, yah I won't. I am nearly there. hahahhaa

  4. Sis, are you trying to make this? -

    Guess you can add in some drops of ginger juice..


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