Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home sweet home

After nearly 2 weeks of absence, we are so happy to have our Boss back. As the saying goes, absences make the heart grows fonder.

I can really feel the children's happy mood in the house which is very comforting. I guess they got tired of mom's nagging and strict discipline.

I bought a book sometime back. Reading from reviews, it seems that it has many workable recipes. I don't know about you but for me, some recipe books look pretty but the recipes are either vague, or not doable. Thus these days, I am very selective when buying books.

I haven't been baking any bread since the day I blew the motor of my kitchen aid. The technician told my hubby that this model's motor is not as good as the bigger version. Thus we have to be careful when we are using it, take care not to overwork it or set it to high speed.

To overcome this paranoid feeling, I picked a recipe from my new book. As my kids love Cheese bread, a standard order whenever we visit a bakery. I thought I will try to replicate that at home.

I have already prepared the starter dough a day earlier, after I incorporated all the ingredients except the butter, I realised that I over knead the dough. I should have added the butter and then do a thorough knead. By then, the dough was really sticky. I tried the test, it seems doable but I didn't have much confidence.

After 40 mins, my dough still doesn't look as if it is waking up. By then, I realised that my kids are having their taekwondo friendly match tonight. I have to leave the house. I was thinking to myself, I have nothing to loose. I heat up the oven a little, turned it off and dump the whole bowl into it before I leave the house.

When I came home, I was surprised that the dough actually proof so nicely. Quickly took my shower and started my baking process.

Then another blunder, I greased a pan that was way too small for so many buns. I was too lazy to wash another pan as it was getting late. I just squeezed in all the dough into a small pan. Perhaps that explains why my bread didn't cook well. The centre portion was still uncooked. Luckily, the rest was edible.

The bread was just in time to feed my hungry children after a night of intense "fighting". The texture was really fluffy and soft and my family love it.

I will definitely attempt this again but with a bigger pan size next time and making sure that I read my recipe at least twice before starting.

Pardon the poor lighting as it was already midnight by the time I am done.

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  1. Edith, the bun looks soft and fluffy! I love bread making but I dun ve heavy duty mixer or bread machine, so far only succeed once using hand kneading and was very siong manz, my right hand were aching the whole day :P.

  2. Who doesn't like cheese bread?
    I super not hate it!!!

    I'll fight for a piece too.

  3. All odds against you, yet the bread turned out soft and fluffy! :)
    Btw, I use my Kenwood major to do the kneading of bread dough. It is still functioning well. I've used it for more than 15 years.

  4. Buy a bread maker and let it knead for you haha. That's what i do! Over her I leave my dough to prove overnight on the kitchen counter (even in winter) and next morning, the dough rises very well.


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