Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Home made wholesome

Why sudden urge to make soya milk, after all, it is so easy to just grab a packet from the supermarket. Well, after seeing Table for 2's black soya milk, I just couldn't help but to rekindle some of my childhood.

The last time I drank freshly made soya milk was made by my mom. That was years ago when I was just a tiny girl. I still remember the big tall pot mom used.

When I was young, my mom is always in the kitchen, cooking this and baking that. We always have different cuisines and different snacks to munch on.

As she ages and as we get older, the frequency become lesser and lesser till it is now save on special occasion. Even our fortnightly visits, to save her the hassle of busying herself in the kitchen and over exerting herself, we have take away most of the time.

My family love soya milk. In fact, hubby used to pack home two big packets each time he goes out to buy breakfast on weekends. Since we moved here, we have yet to find a store that sells decent soya milk.

Thus I really longed for something that is so wholesome, so pure and so wonderfully delicious. A cup of real good soya milk is really a nice way to start the day.

Actually I wanted to make this last week. I couldn't believe it when I cannot find soya bean in the supermarket. Either the purchaser is not doing their job or the sales representative is overworked.

Finally I found soya bean in another supermarket last weekend. I grabbed two big packets instead of one. No harm because I uses soya bean when making soup stock.

Instead of just making 500ml with all fuss, I might as well make it a litre. I am sure my little princess will be the first to drink at least 500ml.

I soak the bean last night, and this morning, my princess is down with a fever. I too was having a flu. Rested the whole morning but I was still feeling shitty. Since the bean has been soaked, I have no choice but to proceed on to prepare the soya bean milk.

It wasn't as difficult as I have expected, only that I find limited strength in extracting the milk.

Hubby was just in time to taste the first glass of soya bean milk before he heads off to the airport.

Verdict: He said the soya taste is not present. Perhaps it was the second round of extraction as I have reserved the first extraction to make tofu. Next round, I will do FULL strength.

Nevertheless, the kids love it.


What you need:

200g soy beans
1000ml water + 1000ml water
Pandan leaves (4 - 5)
Sugar to taste


Soak soy beans overnight. Discard soaking water.

Put all the beans into a blender with 1000ml water. Blend until very fine, for about 2 minutes. (I divide this into two because my blender couldn't take it all)

Pour blended beans into a muslin bag and using your hand to press to extract milk.

Repeat blending process with another 1000ml water, and extract milk.

*** You can Choose to combine 1st and 2nd extract together. I find that using just the second extract, the soy taste is not strong. Thus for further, I will just both the 1st and 2nd extract.

Put extracted milk into a pot/saucepan and put in a pandan leaf(stripped and tied into a knot).

On medium heat, bring it to a boil.

Be very careful and watch the pot carefully. The milk overflows easily when it’s boiling.

Season with regular white sugar.


With the first pressing from the soya milk, I also turned this lovely thick cream into Home Made Egg Tofu. This is my first attempt and I am delighted with the outcome.

Next time, I can create my own signature tofu. Hahahha.


Thanks Wendy for sharing these two delicioius recipes.

What you need:

375ml egg (from 6 large eggs)(lightly beaten)
1/3 tsp salt
500ml unsweetened thick soy milk (from 1st pressing)
1 tsp corn starch + 1 Tbsp water


Break eggs and lightly beat with salt. Leave aside. Let the salt further break down the egg whites.

Put corn starch and water into a big bowl. Stir.

Bring thick soy milk to a boil and pour over cornstarch mixture. Stir. Let it cool down to warm.

Prepare your steamer, bring water to a boil.

Place a piece of cling wrap into an 8" square Pyrex dish, you can use regular aluminium or stainless steel pans). For easier handling, wet the dish before putting in the cling wrap, make sure there isn't any gap.

When soy milk has become warm, using a strainer, pour in beaten eggs. Stir well.

Steam over LOW heat with lid tighly closed for 30 minutes.
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  1. I'm so glad that everything turned out well and you liked it.
    Making your own tofu and soy milk isn't that hard, right?

  2. This is SO exciting! Edith, I remember I read about this on Wendy's too! I love black soy milk for its nuttier taste ... I love the regular one too.

    When I was in the U.S., I pressed my own soy milk because at where I was, soy milk is SO expensive. When time allows, I'm SO gonna make that tofu! I heard so much about commercial egg tofu (日本/雞蛋豆腐) containing additives. Thanks for pushing into doing that! Haha! I feel so jaded now ... after work ... barely even have time to visit around the blogosphere. =(

  3. Congrats for doing it so well. I love food blogs! so much sharing, testing and tasting. No wonder I can't get into my cheongsam. Heehee

  4. Like you, the last time I drank freshly homemade soya milk was long long time ago. My mum used to made it very often, nothing beats the aroma of soya bean milk cooking in the huge pot. I used to help my mum squeezed the milk with the muslin cloth! and she would scoop up the thin layer of curd formed on top for me. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post, it has brought back such fond memories :)

  5. Wow!! I've never done pressing soy milk before..only coconut milk..lol! This sounds so interesting!

  6. Edith, u and wendy are making me feeling like wanna make the soya milk and tofu myself. The soya milk looks so pure and the tofu, so soft, both are mine and my dd's favourite lei. I wil sure make it once my lazy bug say sayonara to me :P.

  7. Edith, just emailed you through your Yahoo! account. Please check your mail. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Wendy, you are right, not hard at all. Going to do this more often next time.

    Pei Lin, next time I might try black soy milk. heheh

    Busygran, you are right about foodblog. We are constantly being motivated! and I love it.

    HHB, yes definitely brought back fond memories for me as well.

    Faithy, try it. Not hard at all. Wholesome goodness.

    Jess, push yourself. You can do it.

  9. Oh, I'm too lazy to make these now, plus the fact that DH can't take food with soy beans, I'm procrastinating more. Your pics make me so tempted to try it, argh!!


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