Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will you come?

Hiya everyone! I had a very good break and I actually fatten quite a fair bit. Though the first two days, we all missed our kids but with great company, the pain lessened and we gave each other moral support.

It was truly an amazing 6 days and I am happy that we had a fabulous time.

As the plane was touching down, C said that we are going back to reality and it is so true. I am very happy that all our husbands are so understanding and supportive.

Anyway, reality bites and I actually spent the last one week after coming home, revising the textbooks with my daughter. I am amazed how the teacher can allow or failed to see the issue for the last half year. Let's hope now my daughter is not lost in class anymore.

It is going to be a last week of school holiday for them. Initially I had this wild idea of inviting fellow bloggers and their kids to our house for tea and some kids’ fun but I doubt anyone will come.

Thus I actually spent a very stressful week, while coaching my kids, I also have to monitor my helper very closely. After a week absence, apparently her attitude has become unbearable. Her skiving has become so noticeable that it is hard to ignore it. I can't imagine putting on 2kg after joining me for a mere 2 months. I seriously don't want to know how heavy she is now after 6 months!

I am actually glad to hear that the new one will be onboard in 9 days time. haiz... when will I get one that is really helpful in assisting me running the household.

On top of that, I still need plenty of stamina to handle a problematic teen who is equally lazy and not motivated. I badly needed to bake to distress or rather to distract the current teething issue I have on hand.

Since I canned the idea of having a blogger party, instead I am bringing my kids to visit an old friend. A friend that I know will cheer me up with her bubbly personality and best of all, she invited her for lunch and I am sure I will enjoy that because she is such a great cook.

I decided to go into a baking frenzy. I wanted to bake her something.... so here is my French Pear Tart that I tried sometime back but this time, I replaced it with hazelnut meal instead of almond meal. A mistake? Because the tart's appearance doesn't look appetizing at all but I was happy to hear that SL’s daughter R gave a thumb’s up for this one when she took a bite.


Next was a Banana Honey Top Cake. You will notice that this cake doesn't look fluffy. That is because I added way too much banana (greedy part of me). Please don't be deceived by this because it was truly delicious. The cake is actually soft and has this nice crisp top when eaten warm. I have to stop my kids from having more.

I strongly recommend this cake to be eaten fresh because of the crisp top.


Adapted from Betty Saw

What you need:

250g butter
170g castor sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
4 large eggs
4 med ripe bananas (pisang rastali)
240g self raising flour
1 tbsp milk
Honey topping : 1 recipe


Greased and lined a 9" pan.

Cream butter, sugar and vanilla essence till light and fluffy.

Beat in the eggs one at a time.

Add mashed bananas.

Sift in half the flour and carefully fold into mixture. Repeat with other half.

Stir in milk to achieve soft and dropping consistency.

Pour batter into pan and bake for 35 mins.

Remove cake from oven and quickly spread honey topping on surface. Return to oven for 10 mins till topping is set.

Honey topping

What you need:

45g butter
19g honey
45g brown sugar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp rum or brand (optional)


Cream butter, honey and sugar. Add in cinnamon, then rum if used.


Last, Moist Chocolate Fudge cake is a recipe that A shared with me. This cake is rather easy to prepare. Using the best quality ingredient definitely bring out the taste of this cake.

My kids didn't like the vanilla fudge so next time I will prepare more of the chocolate fudge instead.


The cake is delicious with the fudge. On its own, I find the texture is crumbly. In fact, I broke the cake in pieces when I tried to assembly the second layer. It was really fragile but nevertheless, I will definitely make this cake again. Thanks A for sharing.
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  1. Oh dear,i see you have almost got the right cake texture leh!
    The original one is more fluffy and very dark looking but yours also very good :)
    Mine was not like that...so sian heheheh
    Wah...cannot cannot... i die die must try again! hheheheh

  2. Edith, if only you are in Adelaide, I will definitely come!!!!! I'm sure if you organize one in Singapore, you'll have plenty people coming over as well. I went back to Malaysia and organized one and didn't expect ten people to show up. Try it when you are more settled, you never know!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to know that you had a good time! Will be back in August so hope to catch up with you then!

    In the meantime, take care.

  4. hi edith,

    my name is alice - i'm all along your silent reader - amazed with your coking and baking - tried some too
    so grateful for all the recipes u share :)
    i was really lost when i couldnt view your blog the other time - so happy now i can view again :)

    regarding helper, i am now in the same boat as u
    i just asked my 3rd one left
    - cos of attitude
    i was commenting on her forgetfulness and she said: "if u want to fire me, then just go ahead"
    can u believe it she said that? haizzz...

    the 3rd one and i thought she's the best among all until i found out that she's actually the worst but the smartest til can acted well for 1 yr and 4mths!

    my kids are 5 and 3 and its so tiring to care for them and also household but somehow i choose physically tired than mentally tired, so in the meantime i dont have any plan to look for no.4 hehe...

    thanks to my super helpful hubby of course :)

    anyway, i will still definitely make time to view your blog and hopefully still can find time to try your wonderful recipes!

    cheers and God bless
    alice :)

  5. There are loads of bloggers in Singapore compared to Malaysia.
    I'm sure they'll be happy to, just make an invitation :)

    BTW, where's the recipe of the highly recommended banana cake??? Gosh, you're so wicked to tempt us with the picture but no recipe given and yet urge us to try. I can only lick the screen!!!!!

  6. Welcome back, take time to settle down (back to earth, huh?) and then I'll email you about the cake!

    BTW that chocolate cake looks absolutely fabulous!!!

  7. AK, I think we need to work on this recipe a little further.

    Quinn, Singaporeans are generally more reserved. I will see if I can do one sometime later when I settled in my new helper.

    Tina, yes call me. Definitely want to catch up. Misses you.

    Alice, we do know how lucky we are to have the choice of having a helper but sometime it is so difficult to train them to suit our family requirement. The refusal to adapt to our environment and poor attitude is really tough on "trainer". My mom nearly freaked out during my one week hols, supervising a stubborn one.

    Lucky for you, you have a helpful hubby on standby. For me, mine is not around most of the time. And with my poor back, I tried to handle alone but ...

    With them, headache
    without them, backache.


    Wendy, these two days been out maximising the school hols with kids activities. Will post the recipe by tonite when i settle my kids in bed.

    BL, yes forward me your draft and I will get working. Must shake off my holiday mood.

  8. Hi Edith

    It must be so gd and enjoyable to take a break and go holiday wif frds. I have been missing alot the days that went holidays wif frds, I guess I ve to patiently waiting for my gal to grow older so I can ve such holidays again.

    If u organise a bloggers party, I think a lot will turn up too. I will be very very keen and at the same time, very shy too :P.

    I guess there are minority of helpers that give least problems. I just changed my helper 3 mths ago, though old helper given me big prob but new helper has another set of prob haiz... wish u all the best on your new helper.
    Btw, all my helpers wil put on weight after working for me as well. My new helper has put on 2 kg and think the weight wil keep piling up if she dun control her intake. My previous helper even put on nearly 10kg that she had to go on diet.

    Oh kids nvr let us take a break be it the age, I ve issue with my gal too, so hard to handle her :(.

    I m getting too losoh but lastly, your bakes look very yummy and tempting!

  9. Edith,

    I'll definately come if you organize the party...provided if I'm moving to Sg...Am still waiting for the green light...it's getting closer..by then I'd know when I'll be moving..

  10. Edith,
    Wished you had organised the blogger party.. I will go. I have read enough of the yummy stuff, it's time to fulfil my dreams!!!

  11. Welcome back! Glad to know that you had a good time! Will be back in August so hope to catch up with you then!

    In the meantime, take care.


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