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Since I started blogging in Jan 2005, I did receive some awards from fellow bloggers. Up to the day that I accidentally deleted 300 over posts, I haven't been getting any there after. I was sad not because I was getting an award but rather that I wasn't able to retrieve many of the award posts that I lost. A recollection of what were in my thoughts then.

Somehow, blog awards died along the way for me till Bakericious came by. I was like "wow". At long last, my blog is not forgotten. hahaha..

Looking back, many of the bloggers that I known back then, either stopped blogging or just vanished into thin air.

So when Bakericious dropped me a comment to say that she has an award for me, I was happy.

Thanks for thinking about me, Bakericious.

The rule of this award is as follows:

(1) thank the person who passed you the award.
(2) paste the award to your blog.
(3) pass it to another 12 bloggers or more if you prefer.
(4) write 10 things about yourself.

So here is the list of my 12 favourite bloggers.

1. Piggy's Cooking Journal
2. Do What I like
3. Sugar & Everything Nice
4. Dodol & Mochi
5. Quinn's Baking Diary
6. All That Matters
7. East meets West
8. CakeJournal
9. Tina's Kitchen
10. Almost Bourdain
11. køkken69
12. The Little Teochew

Okay gals, have fun with this award.

Now a little about myself

1. Bred and born in sunny Singapore. My better half is also a Singaporean.

2. I am petite and I have a nick name Chilli Padi. So go figure out my temper (luckily I have mellowed down due to age).

3. I picked up baking out of boredom when I started to become a stay home mom. A good way to destress too.

4. In 2006, I pick up sugar crafting as well as cupcake deco. A hobby that turned into a passion and a little venture along the way. Now I am into fondant cakes.

5. Besides food, we love to travel as well. We spent the first 6 years of our marriage travelling. When we have our first and second kids, it didn't slow us down. Only when our first child started mainstream school, our travelling bugs started to slow down. With school in the way, I can't wait for my two little ones to be independent and old enough to care for themselves.

6. During my younger days, I am a dare devil. With age catching up, I, now a coward that am not game for adventure anymore.

5. Used to be a 80% bookworm but with my eyesight now, I go for pictures instead.

7. I can't sit still for long, thus I have no patience for internet surfing. Thanks to all my wonderful cyber friends who are damn good with their fingers and provided me with tons of new information and links, my son dare not say I am a stay home mom who knows nuts about the outside world. hahaha

8. TV bores me unless it is educational and with good taste humour. I used to be a big fan of CSI and Criminal mind though. Hated slap stick comedy, my hubby thinks I have no sense of humour.

9. I love talking. I enjoyed talking to anyone who gives her a chance to yak. Thus I love entertaining people in my little house.

10. These days I don't buy shoes and clothes. I go for baking accessories. Wait till my hubby check on my little private corner. He will faint I supposed.

Thanks to Janny (she doesn't blog anymore), without her, I most likely ended up being a mom who hides in her well and slowly becoming a dementia. Without her, Precious Moments will not exist. Thanks my friend.
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  1. Thanks for passing on the award. Love your blog :)

  2. Thank you Edith for passing the award to me and for thinking Quinn and Quinn's Baking Diary deserve this. Just know that no award passed to you doesn't mean your blog is not important. The blog means a lot to yourself especially and to readers and supporters. Awards are a bonus and cannot be used to measure a blog. Keep blogging, you do know I am following your blog right? Thanks and cheers.

  3. Dear Edith,

    Thank you so much for the award!! I've been feeling crabby the whole day at work, partly also due to my severe lack of sleep. (Can you imagine a panda typing away on her keyboard now? Hahaha!) BUT, BUT you've made my day with these words of yours!

    Since I don't blog as frequently as other bloggers do due to my lack of time, please gimme time to share this joy in one of my next few posts ... I betcha have noticed my pattern now ... At most, two posts per week for me ... Otherwise, it'll be only one.

    Thanks, Edith once again! Don't forget, like what I've told you eons ago, you were and are still one of the pioneer bloggers from our area who have inspired me into doing what I'm doing today! I remember I'd get stuck on the armchair at my university's computer lab and salivate away by visiting yours and others' blogs!! Hahaha! I just started my culinary journey at that point! But, I'm still a novice ... So, still have a lot to learn ... =D

  4. Hi Edith, thank you so much for considering me for this award. Thank you,too, for reading my blog, thank you for this 'precious moment'.

  5. Looking back, many of the bloggers that I known back then, either stopped blogging or just vanished into thin air.


    Nevermind about that.

    You have readers. And I'm one of your reader. I love reading your blog ;-)


  6. Thanks Ellie, I love yours too.

    Quinn, I don't lost sleep over no award lah. With a homemaker like me, exposure to the outside world is very limited. Thus, I seek more friendship than anything else. And I really sincerely thank you for being there for me when i am down. Life is like a roller coaster, there are always highs and there are always lows. We just have to take it one step at a time.

    Pei Lin, I can imagine how are trying to balance work and play. Do take care.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. It makes my day dear!

    You deserved it Shirley. Keep those beautiful posts coming.

    Yvonne, thanks for dropping by. It is nice to know that.

    I do value friendship and sometime I am saddened by the lost of it. But hey, you win some and you lose some. Guess that is life.

  7. Thank you, Edith. It's very generous of you. :) Keep blogging!


  8. Hey Edith! Thanks so much for award! :-)

  9. Edith, many thanks for passing on the award and you are such a dear.


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