Friday, May 28, 2010

Long time ago

My daughter ends school early yesterday. After picking her up, I swing over to the nearby wet market to get some gold fishes for my girl's fish tank.

I decided to buy some chicken as well since the stall was still opened. As I was crossing over to get the gold fish, I saw this big juicy cuttlefish by the Yong Tau Fu stall.

Seeing these cuttlefish brought back fond memories.

When I first got to know my hubby and have dinner at his house, I remembered his mom once awhile will serve this sambal cuttlefish.

She is nice in this sense that if she knows that I like a particular dish, she will always buy that for me when she knows that I will be having dinner at his house.

Since she shifted out from that house, I no longer see this dish served. Such a pity, I really don't know whether because the vendor already closed shop or because she actually gotten it from her work place nearby and since she has stopped work, it is not feasible just to travel that far to buy this.

Anyway I really miss it but I don't see this be sold in any nasi padang shop.

Since I have asked my helper to make sambal, I decided to ask her to incorporate cuttlefish into it. A slip of mind, I forgotten to teach her how to cut it, thus ended up she cutting in into strips!

I was hoping that I can recreate that taste. Though it is far cry but it was enough to bring back fond memories.

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