Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am cooked

I am just wondering whether we had break our record being the hottest period. I pray for rain but rain ain't coming. I am beginning to see the green scenery turning to brown. Oh please God, have mercy on us. Just a little shower will do, at least to quench and moist the earth.

I want to bake I want to cook but I am being baked and cooked. Words can't describe how I feel at this moment. Once you stepped out of the room, you are hit by this intense heat wave.

As usual, whenever it is hot, my migraine will come. I really hated it. Guess I also can’t complaint too much because some where on earth, it is even hotter. So at 30+ degrees Celsius, we are indeed considered lucky.

I am looking forward to my short getaway but yet I am wondering if Singapore is so hot, I think my holiday destination is going to be worst. Anyway, it will be another two weeks more to go. Let's think about that later.

Okay, we definitely needed something cool. Nah, ice cream melts too fast. Jelly is too much trouble at this point of time. We wanted something that is fast and easy and takes the least effort. Bingo! Lychee Ice will be great! Since my daughter of late has been crazy over it.


To me, I won't even want to pay for that. It is merely just ice and canned lychee but being the little one, one just simply can't say no with those pitiful eyes starring at you. Call me unfair! but life has never been fair right?

So for one moment, forget about this darn hot humid weather and let this icy cool dessert quench our bodies. Yay!!!
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  1. Oh's very hot over here too...I can't stand the heat as well...when I start whole body sweat..wish I had air con in kitchen...anyway, pray that it'll get better...

  2. Canned fruits are quick and easy desserts :)
    I love them as well.
    Loved iced lychees all my life :)

  3. True, I agreed with both of you!!! The weather is so hot recently till I have no mood to stay in the kitchen to cook too.... :( Hope it will get better soon... Let's all Pray together.....


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