Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hitting the half year mark

Time really flies and we are hitting the half year mark of 2010. Thinking about it scares me. How on earth can time fly by so fast? Seems like yesterday, my son started his secondary school education.

Did we really fully utilised our time? Did we really maximise it? Well for me, I really hope I did.

After this June holiday, I might have to slow down even further on Cupcake Fantasies as I need to re examine the time needed to spend with my little one. No two children are the same and I can no longer ignore the fact that my little one needed me much more than my first born.

So I am going to devote a lot of time with her. Helping her to start all over again on the ground work since the teacher cannot provide that for her. Let's hope that I am good enough to assist her in her learning journey.

Then again, God makes women really good at multi tasking. So perhaps I will be even better than what I am doing with some careful planning. hahaha. I must spend some time to re-examine my current schedule and make some adjustment. Actually, last year, I had to willed myself away from Facebook game addiction and I am glad that I done it. Phew.

I had a very good night sleep and this morning, I got up early to prepare this wonderful Cheese Wallet . Since my kids are cheese lovers especially for my son. I think this will be a welcome breakfast treat for them.

The recipe is really easy just that you needed to spend some time whipping up the eggs and the sugar.

I add a dash of cinnamon as I love cinnamon.

Initially I thought the flour portion is little and had my doubt as to whether it will turn out well but my doubt was uncalled for. Just make sure you fold in the flour thoroughly as the volume of liquid is much more than flour.

Also I noticed that by the end of the last Cheese Wallet, the batter has deflated but it didn't do much damage as I just pour everything into the pan. Turned out okay too.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe Cosy Bake.


Serve 6
What you need:

3 large eggs
30g castor sugar
30g plain flour
1 tsp cinnamon
12 wedges Cream Cheese


Beat egg and sugar to reach Ribbon Stage takes about 10 mins.

Sieve in plain flour and cinnamon. Use a rubber spatula to fold in gently to the egg batter. (take note as liquid is more than flour).

Heat up a non stick pan and brush with butter.

Pour about 2 big ladle of batter to the centre of the pan and let the batter spread to a circle by itself. The batter supposed to stay thick and looks like a pillow.

Cover the pan and let the batter cook in lowest flame for 7 minutes.

After the 7 minutes, add in cheese wedges and cover the lid again for 1 min.

Flip half of the cake to make a semi circle and let it cook for 3 minutes without lid.

Serve with either fruits, cream or jam.
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  1. I did this and it was lovely, but I used cheddar slices, omitted the cinnamon, but used sliced green onions instead.

    I will only post this somewhere in September. I still have too much in queue.

  2. Precious Moment,

    Glad you liked this breakfast menu. It's wonderful isn't it??


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