Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

When I was young, I remembered my mom to be a very hard woman especially to me, being the eldest. As the first child, I was taught to set good example for my siblings. I resented the way she brought me up as I was punished so often for wrong doings from my siblings.

As she is a homemaker, she takes no nonsense of misconduct. We were taught to have manners, to be cordial, to be independent and to be hard working. We were taught to have values and moral. Mom believes spare the rod spoils the kid attitude.

My mom was strict about boy girl relationship too. I started dating only when I was 21. Curfew was at 10pm!

40 plus years passed on. Looking back .... I no longer cry when I think about my childhood. I no longer resented the way she brought me up. The strict upbringing that she gave me actually makes me a better person today. I think I turned out not too bad and I am thankful to her.

Instead, I think about the hardship she went through. Being a mother now, I know how much strength to bring up 4 kids and how difficult it was. Mind you, we were good kids in today’s context.

The good 5 - 7 years of her marriage, she used only charcoal as fuel to cook. To look after a household of 7 without washing machine or gas stove. A husband works in the day and teaches in the night. Now, I know how tough it is to manage the household and kids without a hubby to help out in the evening so that she can take a breather.

Her yearning to learn more as she didn't have a chance to go to school. The drive to acquire knowledge. (yes, I am the only child who took on her habit of reading). Thank God that I took on her thirst for knowledge.

When I got married and started my own family. She is always there to support me. When my kids were ill and I don't know how to nurse them, I can always turn to her for help. She has this amazing touch to bring down persistent fevers of my kids.

When I was ill and hubby was out of town. She is always there to bring me herbal medication and even to the A&E!

She not only loves her children but their spouses as well. My sister in law can attest that she got the best Mother in law! She treated my hubby like a son as well. Lucky hubby isn't he?

At 69, she is frail and weak. Her respiratory system is so weak that she is plague by cough so often. Her bony frame pains me whenever I see other lady of similar age.

She is always telling us to look after ourselves well. Not too push ourselves too hard, if not, we will end up like her.

Mom, I wanted to tell you that I love you dearly. Not just on Mother's day but everyday of my life.

Thanks for being my mommy.

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  1. Hi Edith,

    Hmm, so touched by your story that I teared. Hehe, my mum also behaved like your mum. Being the youngest, I am the weakest kid, too. So my mum really had a 'hard' time for me when I was a teen.

    Belated Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Lovely tribute but sad to hear that her health is not that great.

  3. We won't realised the strength our mother had till we have our own kids. don't we?

  4. Edith, love the story on your mum and it shows that she is a very strong person.


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