Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Generation gap

Last week, while we were waiting for my little one to finish her Speech and Drama, a little argument arose between son and I.

Here is our little dialogue.

Mom: Can you stop fiddling with your phone?
Son: Nope I didn't (trying to hide the phone)

Mom: Told you how many times not to do so many sms. If you need to, just call your friend.
Son: Nope (still denying)

After 5 mins,
Mom: Stop it, if not the bill will be huge.
Son: I told you to sign me up for the student plan and they are giving unlimited smses and an iphone free.

Mom: Don't be naive, student plan don't give you iphone for free.
Son: Yes they do. So and so gotten the deal.

Mom: Please, don't be naive.
Son: Yes they do give out free iphone.

Mom: Son, I checked and it is not true.
Son: You checked with all your OLD friends! You are behind time. You and I really have generation gap!

Mom: Startled! Pause. Think.
Hey, boy hold it. What generation gap?
Son: You don't even know what is psp, wii or x box? You know nothing.

Mom: More startled!
Ha, you must be kidding right? You have got a blogger mom and a die hard Facebook user.
Son: So? you don't even know what is chat box!

Mom: Excuse me, I do know chat box is. Doesn't mean I don't have one in my blog makes me know nothing. Do you know what skype is? do you have msn? do you have yahoo chat?

Son: pause for a long time.

Haiz... my son is definitely growing up and just this morning, my predicament come true from M1. My phone bill is tripled my normal usage.

He sure has a long way to pay me back.

Tomorrow is result day and I am seriously wondering how he fared as he seems to be so laid back while preparing for his exam.

As they grow, there is only so much we, parents can do. Can no longer take out the cane and give that scare tactic as when they were young. I have to let go and pray that they don’t fall too hard. This is even tougher than when they are kids.

The weather of late has been really bad. I think I jumped into the shower at least three times a day and I still feel horribly sticky.

I think this month's electricity bill will be rocket high.

Since it is so hot, I didn't really have any mood to bake so I decided to try something that I meant to do so for the longest time and that is Ginger Milk Pudding (姜汁撞奶).

I love this so much and I find that HK's has one of the best. Each time I am there, I won't miss it. Usually have this and egg custard in one go. Greedy right?

Thus I set upon doing it. Looked and sounded simple but ...... unfortunately mine didn't turn out well at all. In fact, this didn't set even though I chilled it in the fridge for 2 hours!

I was utterly disappointed. Not too sure whether it is the milk that I used or that I left the ginger juice seated for too long before dividing it into the bowls as I noticed that there is a film of starch left behind. The starch was supposedly to set it.

If you reader out there tried this before and has been successful, do leave me a note as to where I went wrong.

I won't give up, I will keep trying as this is one of my favourite dessert. Yum.


In the meantime, I will leave you with this recipe for those who are game to experiment.

Serve 2

What you need:

250ml Fresh milk (full cream) (I used Greenfield fresh milk)
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp ginger juice (i like it spicy) from old ginger only


Peel the skin from a knob of ginger. Grate the ginger and squeeze out the juice over a strainer and into 2 bowls.

Heat milk till bubbles appeared at sides. Add the sugar, stir till sugar melted.

Cool the milk by pouring the milk from one bowl to another, back and forth. About 10 times to lower the temperature of the milk (like teh talik)

Pour the milk gently over the ginger juice in the bowl.

Leave the mixture standing for about 5 minutes. The ginger will coagulate the milk to form a soft pudding.

Serve warm or cold.

Note: I read that only full cream milk works and ginger has to be the old ginger.
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  1. Hi,
    I made this before and I had success on my 11th attempt. The curd is like the softest tofufah that stays in shape on my spoon and in the bowl.

    I find that after pulling the milk, the temperature is too low.
    It's hard to explain here, cos there's really alot to tell.
    Please stay tuned to my blog for the long long post. I still have loads queuing up and I guess it'll be on June 24th.

    One thing to tell you though, forget about homogenized milk.
    I still have a lot of brands to test, so far I've tested about 4 or 5 brands.

  2. Generation gap has been misused by the kids these days. As long as we, as parent, don't understand them, they deem it as generation gap. Your exchange with your son sounds very familiar as I had the similar argument with my daughter before.

    Especially when children grow older (in their teenage), parent's advice always be deemed as nag to them. They always think they are old enough to think and make decision. I got very upset with an incident with my daughter lately and the only way to brighten my day is to let go. I guess as parents, we can only provide the guidance and advice, if they don't listen and go ahead to choose their path, there is really nothing much we can do. If thing doesn't turn out well, they will have to face it and take it as a lesson learnt.

    Instead of entangling the argument with them, I will rather channel my energy to my interest/hobby or work .. how sad is parent these days ??

  3. Hey, I made 薑汁撞奶 like a year ago!!?? Haven't even blogged about it! Hahaha! Like thrice already! I'm SO NOT efficient. Boohoo ...

    Hmmm ... Now, you've motivated me to blog about it, like re-placing its position in the long queue of my BACK logs. Hahaha! Silly me. You look at my Flickr, you'll know what I'm saying.

    OK, I shall talk about in mid-June. Can you wait for that? I already promised other blogger-friends to share some other recipes in the next few posts. I will, I promise.

    In the meantime, here's mine:

    Btw, your conversation with your son reminds me so much of mine with my parents, especially those way back in my adolescent years. *Sigh* I'm still as stubborn as I was before. But right, "generation gap" has been a term misused and MISINTERPRETED! But I'm a person who believes in such philosophical term as "cultural relativism." So, I'm not qualified enough to say if it's absolutely wrong or right. Thanks for sharing your sentiment though.

    P.S. Boy, glad it's a public holiday today (Wesak). I don't get to blog-hop a lot nowadays. Been stressed at work too. *Sigh* I've been thinking if I should stop blogging ... Too tired.

  4. Wendy, I am looking forward to more of your testings.

    Cynthia, I guess you are right. We should conserve our energy to better use and built a better relationship with them.

    Pei Lin, do take care of yourself. I know the feeling of being overworked.

    We have to learnt to step back sometime and take a deep breathe.

    Don't worry about the milk pudding. That can always wait. Take time to catch a movie or go on a date. It is much more important that blogging.


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