Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our guests

J and I were school mates. She is the brainy one that does Science whereas I was in the Arts.

In school, we are all very close knitted. Everyone seems to know each other despite being in different classes.

I guess being in that four grey walls since I was 5 years old helped. We practically grow up together in that tiny compound till we were teens.

When I last organised a reunion, sad to know that J can't join us then. Last Nov, J decided to become a stay home mommy. Thus, this allows us time for a meet up. Finally the day arrived for me to meet her little princess, G.

She is such a doll and she reminded me so much of my kids when they were young. Time really flies when I now see how big my kids are.

One day she will grow up just as beautiful as her mommy.

I prepared a carnation theme cake for our tea party.  This is my first time attempting to craft carnation and I really did a bad job at this.  Somehow, it doesn't look like carnation but yet I can't pinpoint actually where.  J said perhaps not "tall" enough. 

As for the cake, it is a Chocolate Mud Cake.  The recipe was taken from Planet cake.  It was a much raved about cake.  This is my first time doing a fondant cake with ganache and it will definitely be my last.

As you can see, the fondant didn't "set" as it was supposed to be.  Perhaps I was chilling the cake after I put on the ganache to harden the frosting.  Thus condensation. 

Before of this, I had problem smoothing the surface and thus my cake looks pimply.

J's comment for this cake is that it doesn't taste like a mud cake at all.  For me, I too feel the same.  It is more chocolate cake than mud cake. 

J, let hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much I do.

Keep in touch.

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  1. The carnations are just gorgeous...which I know how to make it! Do you teach? ;)


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