Thursday, April 29, 2010

Counting down

I am looking forward to tomorrow where hubby dearest will be home. Perfect timing as it will be a long weekend. At least we can spend some quality family time together before he leaves again late next week for another short trip.

This weekend also provided good opportunity for hubby to give a little coaching to son on his Algebra. Yes, I am terrible at numbers and time has changed so much that it is near impossible for me to comprehend the complexity of this subject.

Last week, I managed to squeeze sometime to go for a baking class. This is a rare treat for myself especially when hubby is not in town. The timing was so perfect that I can't give myself any excuses. I also invited my friend D to join me.

Her hubby was fantastic. He offered to take time off to go marketing with his mummy so that his wife dearest can accompany me for the class (yes, it is D's role to send her mother in law to the market every Wed). This type of hubby is a rare find isn't it?

D and I had a great time. Unfortunately, such timing for classes are really hard to come by and it won't happened often. I really wish that baking school will consider creating such time slot for homemaker like me.

I was keen to try Chantilly Cake soon after the class as I wanted it to be a welcome home gift for my hubby who loves chocolate.

Before I signed up for the class, I didn't know what I was getting into. I just wanted to attend a baking class. Period. At that time, I thought Chantilly means fresh cream. Actually it wasn't. It was more like custard blended into cream and it is delicious.

There is a bakery that supposedly to be selling this cake but from my classmates' feedbacks, seems like it has drop standard. Thus I will never be able to know whether what I learnt is comparable to the authentic.

My cake didn't look as good as the teacher's. I am never good at sponge. Haiz... luckily I managed to hide the flaws with the cream.

The cake is delicious and my kids love it. Let's hope hubby does too.

Note: For those who are interested, please email me for the teacher's teaching schedules

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  1. My oh my... don't that cake look simply delicious. Forget the flaws, just enjoy the taste... mmmm.... am imagining digging into that slice!!!!

  2. Wow, nice looking the photo :-)


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