Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tough cookie

When I had my first born, he caught bronchitis from me at the age of 4 months ago. From then onwards, his lungs were very weak and soon developed asthma.

Initially I put him on nebuliser every fortnightly till I found out that the steroid actually retards growth.

Being a mom, I immediately withdraw him from such treatment and then upon my mom's advice, turned towards Chinese medication.

He was banned from having French fries, citrus juice and air con room or direct fan blowing. Eventually, his attack grew lesser and lesser. When he was 6, I enrolled him for proper swimming lesson as well.

Ever since, touch on wood; he is now a stronger, healthy and active boy.

As for my daughter, she was born a tough cookie and a strong survivor.

As a second child, mommy is no longer a paranoid mom. I learnt through experience of what to give and what not to. She grows up with a good resistance, and I am proud to say that she is hardly sick.

When I see my active children looking withdrawn and tired, I knew something was not right and that was the symptom yesterday.

Towards the evening, little princess developed a fever. Though not high, I am still concern with the rising cases of hand, foot and mouth disease.

By night fall, I decided to cancel my tea party with J and it is better for her not to go school the next day. So my baking plan was halted.

This morning, the weather was great. A cool day so I decided to go ahead to bake what I had in mind.

I haven't been baking muffin for a long time. A bunch of banana was yelling for me. Thus I went ahead to bake a Banana Oat Muffin. Healthy choice for our breakfast tomorrow.


I really lost touch with baking muffins. Nevertheless, these were really good.

What you need:

125g plan flour
80g oats
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
80g chopped pecans
250g mashed banana
125g unsalted butter
90g brown sugar
1 egg


Preheat oven to 190 degree. Prepare muffin pan.

Stir in flour, oat, baking soda, salt and nuts. Set aside.

In another bowl, beat banana and butter until mixed.

Add in sugar and eggg and beat till completely mixed.

Add in the dry ingredients and stir till just blended.

Spoon into pan and bake for 15 - 20 mins.


Next, is a Moist Chocolate Cake that I learnt a long time ago and never really get down to practise it?


I find that the fudge takes a long time to set and it is of the runny texture as well.

As for the cake, I might have overbaked it a little.

Let's see what boss has to say tonight about our dessert. And lastly, I finally found my lost recipe! Yes, I just took the class on Monday and by Tuesday, the recipe was missing.

I remembered distinctively that I was holding it and wandered into the kitchen and from then onwards, everything was a blank.

We searched the whole house in vain. I gave up.

Towards evening, I finally saw it. Tucked under my printer. Haiz... I only can blame it on my age.

Getting old and senile.

Perhaps I should take up Sudoku or Mahjong. So here is my Cream Puff with the left over fudge that I had done for the cake.


Prince said I should have pipe in more fudge. Personally I don't know why it is not "tall" but I can't really complain as my previous attempts really sucks. I am going to dress up the other half batch into something that I love very much tomorrow.

Great as snacks. I think I baked enough to feed a party of 6! And thinking tomorrow is the last working day of the week, I am really happy as finally, the kids are going for their grading test on Sunday. They sure been working hard on this.
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  1. Your Moist Choco cake look very chocolatery and yummy !!!

  2. Wow!!! your kids are so blessed with all those bakes :) Love your chocolate cakes..... it's one of my dear son's favourite tea-snack :)

  3. Your Chocolate cake looks so gooood!! oh my, i'm drooling over my key boards! i think your puffs did not puff up as 'tall' as it should have been because of the time you heat the batter over the stove? You should stop heating once you are able to get an upside down triangular-shaped batter hanging from the spoon when you pull your spoon away from the batter.

  4. Hahaha... AK, this took me ages to attempt but I am glad I did.

    CP, I am also bless to have my kids and hubby to test out all my experiments.

    SSOL, wow you are 18 and already cooking for family. I can't even recall what was I doing when I was 18.

    Once I dumped in the flour, I switched off the heat. But I will try your test method, perhaps I have over done it. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hi, I love ur blog and I make sure I will visit it everyday.
    Your muffins looks lovely, do u mind sharing the recipe? I love bananas and yesterday my dad just brought 4 big brunches of bananas back from his M'sia hometown so I tot of using it to bake some cakes.
    Thanks for sharing the recipes all the while :)

  6. Hihi, thanks for the muffins recipe but too bad i didnt get a chance to bake them yet as my dad already brought all the bananas to work to share with his colleagues so he didnt left any for me :(
    Nvermind, next time then..
    Really thousands of thanks :)

  7. I am sorry Florz, was caught up with too many activities and couldn't find time to post the recipe.

    Hope you get to try it the next time. BTW, thanks for dropping by.

  8. Hihi, thanks for the muffins recipe but too bad i didnt get a chance to bake them yet as my dad already brought all the bananas to work to share with his colleagues so he didnt left any for me :(
    Nvermind, next time then..
    Really thousands of thanks :)


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