Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let's welcome the year of the Tiger

During the first 6 years of our marriage, we were always away during the Lunar New Year. It was a good opportunity to take our annual leaves as that few days of public holidays make a significant to the number of days we can take off from work. Thus it is generally a 3 weeks holiday for us. Since we have kids, our perspective changed. We welcome Lunar New Year with a different meaning. We wanted my kids to re-establish their roots. Knowing who their grand aunties and grand uncles are, who are their uncles and aunties as well as cousins. Due to our hectic work, school schedules and living away from my parents, we hardly had a chance to see my relatives except for big events like weddings and birthdays. Thus it is a time that we reconnect with relatives and friends whom we see only once a year. So it is not the new clothes, new shoes, plenty of goodies that entice us but bringing our best wishes to our older generations that we looked forward to. I pray that the year of the Tiger will add more zest, good health and energy to our older generation. And to you my friends, wishing you plenty of good health and luck as well. May all your dreams come true. Photobucket
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