Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day

It seems just like yesterday the world was preparing for Y2K. I can’t believe the decade is ending and a new one is coming. Photobucket Looking back, I think this year was really well spent. From embracing the fear of my son going through his Primary 6 and the joy of seeing my daughter entering into Primary 1. I should say, it wasn't easy task for my son. From the amount of assessment books that I had cleared before school starts. I am actually amazed how much we had cramped into his tiny brain. Well, perhaps we weren't the paranoid ones and that is why we needed all these. Will I do the same for my daughter? I believe so. Unless it is absolutely no choice that we had to start her on tuition I really hope that will be our last resort. Home wise, we had finally settled down and beginning to adjust back to city life. With past few weeks of proper housekeeping, now, at least I know where all my stuff are being stored and in their proper places. So when the new helper joins us on 4 Jan, I really hope she will follow my system and not messed it up. For hubby, this year was a year that he refrained from travelling too much for son's sake. I am also happy for him that despite the gloomy economy, work for him was good. Next year, I am already mentally prepared that I won't see much of him. After March, perhaps there will be plenty of adjustment for him as well as for the whole family. Let's pray that it will go through smoothly. As for myself going under the knife perhaps was a wrong choice. Though I don't get back pain anymore but the pain has shifted. My other muscles needed to work much harder to support my slanted spine and because of scarring tissue around my nerve, I now experience bad cramps when I had a hectic day, which is for life now. If the situations worsen, I will need to have steroid injected frequently. Thus, my once active lifestyle must now be slow and steady ones. Thus sometime I wonder whether it was a decision wrongly made. Haiz. Having Cupcake Fantasies and my workshops were a great way to distress for this year. It also allows me to pursue my passion with a more objective mind. I thank all friends that had supported it. Will I slow down next year? I seriously don't know because the schools are in total opposite direction. I will need more travelling time. We will definitely have to wait and see how good time management I can produce. On a social note, I am happy to connect with many old friends and also lucky to find new ones as well. Despite the busy bee I am, I am glad that I find time to catch up. There are few incidents that taught me that never to take things for granted. There is no such thing as there will be another day. The usual phrase, time really flies. Time and tide wait for no man and thus each moment, each opportunity, we just have to grab and treasure it before it slipped between our fingers. May I end this year with my greatest wishes to all family, relatives and friends. Photobucket May the new year brings you plenty of good health, peace and happiness that filled your heart to the brim that each day is charge with plenty of energy and zest in life. Now let's end this year with a big bang. Photobucket
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  1. Oh no Edith, I hope your spine isn't giving you too much trouble. You seriously need a helping hand.


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