Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 days to go

AL and I had been friends since primary school. We hanged out together often in our early teens and somehow lost touch when we left the school.

I was so happy to see her again last year. As you see, her girl and mine are now in the same school and she recognised me on the first day of school while we both were hanging out in the school canteen.

It was so cool because I had been thinking of her alot prior to that. Since then, we always bumped into each other during our pick up for our kids. We chatted about old times and new.

Always wanted to gather together but me being me, I am ALWAYS busy. Wait no longer, we just have to have a gathering.

Since A's daughter likes vanilla cake, I baked a Vanilla Sponge cake . Yet again, I tried another new attempt at a recipe.

I bought this book, Okashi many months ago. When AK told me about this book, I knew that I just had to have it.

Actually I heard about Keiko Ishida before but I just don't have the liberty to attend her classes. So the next best thing is to get a book written by her.

Lucky for me, I managed to get hold of a copy before it was out of stock. I am a little happier with this chiffon attempt.

At least it is still good enough to eat unlike a previous attempt that it was beyond recognition when PW came over.

Again, I don't know why my cake sinks. Actually by the time it reaches AL's house, the cake has shrunk so much and it kind of collapsed on one half of the cake.

I was shy to take my camera out as AL had a guest with her too. Nevertheless, the cake was still soft and cottony and it was good to taste. In fact, AL was already asking for another one next round.

Now I wish I can contact Ms Ishida on why my cake's result is such.

A good afternoon well spent as the little ones had a great time playing together.
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  1. Hi

    I am no baking expert but did you cool your cake upside down? That is one of the many 'can happen' scenarios.


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