Saturday, November 07, 2009


When FC invited me for a gathering two Saturdays ago, I was up in KL and couldn't make it. She mentioned that she is going back to Manila soon and I was just wondering to myself why is she going home so early for Christmas. She generally will leave mid of Dec but I didn't give much thought to it after that, I was so busy there after. Then on Wed, JA called me to tell me that they are giving FC a farewell lunch. I was surprised because FC has been working for this company since she was in her 20s. Is she opting for early retirement? Or is she going to pursue her interest in food as she loves to bakes and cooks. Anyway, we are going to have her favourite Chicken Rice for lunch. I immediately offer to bring a cake. As T will be joining us and JA reminded me that she only takes non dairy cake. I immediately set on the task of locating one that I know will not failed me. When I knew that I am going to attend the luncheon. Straight away I went about crafting out the toppers. I didn't want a cartoon like figurines for an adult this time round. I tried my hand at a more "adult" like figurine instead. It wasn't easy at all. It took me quite some time to make it "decent". Then the weather was making me busy. My toppers started to sweat. I was really worried as I don't have any time to craft out another set. The baking part didn't go smoothly too. My cake was not thoroughly cooked despite me trying to bake it longer, the crust was turning into biscuit like but the centre was still wet. After much emergency rescue, I finally cover the cake and add on the toppers. Praying really hard that the guests and FC will like the cake. I am so thankful to Z for giving me this recipe because it is really yummy despite the huge blunder. I am going to give this another round later for friends who are non dairy taker. FC, have a safe trip home and enjoy your new found freedom. Photobucket As for dinner, my kids really enjoy Cottage pie. As I am busy doing the sugar toppers, I prepared this really easy dish. I incorporated vegetables and tops it off with lots of cheeses and voila, no more fussy eaters. They just couldn't resist having 2nd or even 3rd helpings. Photobucket
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