Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Are teens getting more difficult?

Remember the Bangkok Kaya Cake that I attempted some months back? Well, it wasn't really that authentic. A was so sweet, she actually tracked down the teacher that teaches this cake in Malaysia. A month ago, I promised A that I will try the recipe that she shared with me and report back my findings. Somehow, I was caught up with so many events that I just couldn't find the time to do it. I remembered initially I wanted to bake it but I spent that evening counselling my niece who is going into her teens. She was staying over for the weekend and somehow was bottling up her anger as my sister had confiscated all ber best loved belongings a week ago. When one is angry, it is basically like a time bomb, waiting to explode. Unfortunately, my kids were the careless ones. I just had to do what I do best. Nag. hahha... Okay not exactly nag but my long winded "counselling". It is potent enough to tire you out. After an hour, I managed to let her see why her parents reacted this way. Telling her that it is not healthy to keep frustration and in this world, there are people who cares and loves her. Making herself a time bomb is very damaging especially to those who crosses her path. In the end, there isn't any win win situation. As my kids were sitting in during this session. I was relatively surprised how much my son had retained those many years of my "nagging" that I have been drumming into his tiny brain. Deep down, I was really happy. At least, my nagging didn't turned to deaf ears. It was also a good teaching ground for my little one as she too is very sensitive to people's comments. Though I had to shelf my baking plans but at the end, I am happy to I finally released that knot inside her. As I will be leaving again for holiday. The sponge base that I kept frozen couldn't wait any longer. Thus, give my lazy bones a good shake up and this is what I have produced. Photobucket A, this is super good. Sedap. Despite me not taking coconut milk, I find this good. Thanks for sharing. Note: To my fellow readers, I am sorry that I won't be able to share this recipe but if you want to learn it, email for the school that teaches this.
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  1. Hi Edith,

    This cake looks delicious. Too bad the class is conducting in M'sia. Is the first 2 layers made of agar agar?



  2. the top layer is and the second layer is close similar.


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