Friday, September 18, 2009

My little performer

My little princess used to be so shy with crowds. She won't utter a single word for hours if she is not comfortable with her surroundings. I remembered people asking me whether she is mute. LOLz. She will always hide behind me when strangers approached her. Years gone by and my little princess become more and more confident. In many ways, she is just like me, verbal, expressive and independent now. One thing for sure, I am never that brave to go on stage to perform. Perhaps it is through her years of kinder training. Judging by her laughter and smile while on stage, I know she is enjoying herself tremendously. No sign of stage nervousness or cold feet. It is such a joy to see her so happy up there. Somehow I am pleased to know that this school also provides such opportunity. Instead of a performance it is a dance this time round and she done so well during the full dress rehearsal that she got moved to the front row. You bet I am pleased. Anyway, today will be a long day for the kids. Thus I am preparing some snack for them just in case they are hungry. I am not really looking forward to working with this group of parent volunteers. Sad to say, they are not really as sociable as those mothers that I haven known in my son's school. In fact, they seems aloof or even stuck up. Whatever it is, most importantly, I am there for my daughter. Let’s hope time will change their attitude. Now, I hope the kids like my Cupcake Galore that I prepared. Hehehehe. Photobucket
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