Thursday, September 10, 2009


Mid Autumn Festival is coming pretty close. In fact, plenty of hotels started promoting this "golden nugget" much earlier than before. I was told that the food industry suffered a 30% down in sales. Our government is getting concern and gently kept reminding the nation that we have to be prudent. Strangely, I am seeing otherwise behaviour or rather the nation has total faith in the government. Condo launches are seeing extremely good sales, property prices are going up, plenty of cafes and restaurants opening up. Pubs and disco spotted with long queues. Now what crisis? It seems that we are unfazed by it. Economics sense, we are doing good for the economy. My concern is what happened if majority are living beyond their means and when the bubble burst (if it burst). What will happen to Singapore? Though we have a rich government and they are doing a damn good job in stabilizing the banking industry, I guess they can't be babysitting us all the way. Perhaps the last influx of en-bloc sales in property has made many Singaporean a millionaire. Well, enough of my rambling..... My sister came by last weekend and she bought some snow skin moon cakes from the bakery nearby. Seeing my son's love for this ... I decided to make some earlier than planned. I am not using the usual recipe that I have gotten last few years. I am going to use one that I found in my haystack. I wasn’t really satisfied with the texture and RO generously shared hers with me. Unfortunately I am not able to share that here. Photobucket The end results, both are good. The chocolate one has a more chewy texture than the green. The new chocolate recipe is definitely better than the last one I tried years back. It is less oily and taste better too. As for the green ones, it take an extra step as you need to steam the flour. Both are soft even when chilled. I also master the art of wrapping now. My dough now is thin and even and you are actually eating more fillings than dough. hehehe... Overall, I am happy with the results. Perhaps next year I will attempt the baked mooncake as I have many new moulds that my hubby bought years ago still in their packaging waiting patiently for me to use. ************* My daughter seems to be bonding well with our little guest. I am actually concern about the departure in 3 days time. Won't you? Good Byes are always so difficult. Photobucket
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  1. The moonies look so good, Edith!

  2. They look great and so inviting!

  3. Looks yummy!

    BTW, you can dogsit my dog next time ;-)


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