Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Though I don't get the kick drinking green tea but I do love green tea ice cream. Been missing it lately and because my health isn't on top form, I thought having a dose of green tea might be good for me. LOLz. Well, I didn't exactly went to make myself a cup of green tea but rather I baked a Green Tea cheesecake. Yes, I haven't baked a cheesecake for the longest time. A year or even more or maybe even two? Since I have not tasted green tea cheesecake before, thus this particular recipe interest me. Actually someone forwarded this recipe to me ages ago but I can't recall who. Yes, during that time, I only busy collecting recipes and not bother about filing them or jotting down the source. Pardon me. Kept telling myself that one fine day, I will get everything organised just like a library. Well, let's keep waiting for that "one fine day" to come. This recipe is pretty similar to the Japanese Cheesecake that I tried years ago and had been modify to include matcha. It is also a good time to bake now because next week, I will be once again super busy. I am involved in my daughter's dance rehearsals, church wedding rehearsals, cupcake commitments, two wedding events and the start of PSLE! yucks .... PSLE!!!! Definitely looking forward to getting over it. Photobucket I don't know why the hue of my GREEN cheesecake turned out in such horrible colour!
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  1. woah! very GREEN tea cake. Looks alot like "pandan" chiffon cake colour. Looks very moist and yummy..

  2. Despite the colour, it looks delish! I hope to get a chance to try this one day.

  3. must say that this was quite an idea - green tea cheesecake!

  4. Despite the colour, it looks delish! I hope to get a chance to try this one day.


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