Monday, September 07, 2009


My good friend CL and her kids left for Perth yesterday. Prior to that, she asked me whether it is okay to babysit one of her three dogs. Harry was the most favourite of the three as he is such a good boy. Being a big dog, I couldn't keep him in my tiny apartment. The second favourite is Tommy. He is mild and my princess adores him. He is also good with kids as he is not aggressive. Photobucket Being such an animal lover kid, it is good experience for my princess. Yes, despite her numerous requests, hubby stood firm that we shouldn't get a pet. Without a pet, we can leave the house or go on holiday without worrying about his welfare. Heard too many horror stories about boarding house. Dogs are unlike cats, they need alot of loving tender care. So far, Tommy is a good guest, he is pretty quiet. The only set back, he is not toilet trained. Luckily for him, it is school holiday so princess gets plenty of opportunity to play with Tommy and we are all around to clean up after him. The kids look forward to each morning bringing Tommy out for a morning walk and even slept in the hall just to keep Tommy company. I have to keep reminding the kids that this pet is here only for a week. Let's hope they won't feel too sad when it is time to say good bye. Photobucket
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  1. Hey! So cute! If it was me, I think I wont return it to the owner!


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