Friday, August 21, 2009

Story time

When I am ill, I usually am either down with bad tension headache or rashes but yesterday, I was really ill. The night before, I vomited and yesterday morning, I was having diarrhoea and subsequently down with a fever. Anyway, I spent the day in agony. Having the kids at home doesn’t help at all for resting. They were constantly forgetting that mommy is ill and needed that peace. Luckily by late evening, I was feeling little better after I took a flu tablet but I was totally "soft". This morning, it wasn't better either. I was already prepared to visit the doctor after my kids leave for their party. Things got better after my light lunch. I felt my strength coming back. Then I remembered my bread starter dough and the mashed sweet potatoes in the fridge. No choice, it was already delayed for one day. In three hours' time, W will be coming over to pick us up. I didn't get hold of purple sweet potatoes. In fact, I have asked so many places and none sell. Haiz.... simply got to make do with the normal ones. Got the machine working and subsequent proofing. For the first time, I got my helper to help me out. I left instruction for her as to when the oven is ready and put the prepared dough in and when to take the bread out. Perhaps after months of watching me bake, she finally got the "technique". These took much earlier than the expected time to bake. I praised her for her alertness if not, these Sweet Potatoes bread will be ruin and not fit for our breakfast tomorrow. Photobucket My little princess was invited for a birthday party and these are what she brought home. Do you know the story of each individual's? Photobucket
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