Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A special request

I only give my kids a big birthday bash when they hit their milestones. So last year, my daughter had one big bash when she was six. This year, my son will have one but I think as they grow older, birthday bash is no longer a novelty for them. He requested for a movie cum a makan session instead. As it is smacked right in the middle of the prelim, he opted for a belated celebration instead. As for my little girl. she has been counting down to her birthday since the beginning of the year. She kept fantasying birthday party for herself and who will be on her guest list etc etc. Each time, I have to remind her that I am not giving her a big birthday bash, only a cake to share with her classmates. After this message is set firm in her little mind, she was yet counting down. This time round, she was calculating which day I should bake the cake. Here is her conversation with me. Kae : Mommy, you need to bake the cake on Wed. Mom : Why? Kae : Coz my birthday is on Sunday. We don't go school on Sunday. Mom : True, then we can bring the cake on Friday Kae : But mom, we don't have school for two days. Mom : Huh? Kae : There isn't school on Thurs and Fri. Mom : oh, (suddenly remember) It is the PSLE oral. Okay I got it. Kae : So you need to bake the cake on Wed, right? Mom was smiling and thinking, her little princess is not so "slow" as what her kinder teachers always been saying during her kinder years. Perhaps she is a late bloomer but I am really glad that she can differentiate things like such. Preparing this cake took me a big effort as I needed to attend yesterday’s party. It didn’t leave me with much time. Despite having the concept in mind, I met with so many difficulties. Firstly, the cake failed. I have never baked a 10” cake and I was having a hard time baking it. First, it was not cooked in the centre and then after, it was overcooked and by the time the cake cooled down. It was rock hard. I dumped the whole cake into the bin, feeling dejected and frustrated. I was on the verge of giving up and just get a cake off the shelf. But little princess saw me preparing all those animal toppers and I don’t know how am I going to explain it to her. That pushes me on. Finally I got the cake done right, the next obstacle was getting that marshmallow fondant right. I have done it before but somehow this time round, I felt myself panting real hard when I was kneaded it. It was so sticky. Could it be the weather? Also I lack the right tools for such big cake. Perhaps it is time to get additional tools. Should I or should I not? haiz. As I reduced the cake size, my toppers seems too crowded on this tiny cake. Also I broke some of the toppers and I have to redo it. I am totally disappointed with the result but was praying real hard that little princess will like it. I am glad that I saw that happy and proud face of her as she celebrates this special moment with her classmates. I am really not cut out to bake whole cake but at least I tried. To those mommies who love to bake or inspired to bake a cake for your kid and don’t have the courage. Do it now, you don't have many opportunities. Once they grow up, such things don't interest them anymore. Happy Birthday Sweetie. Photobucket
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  1. The cake is really beautiful.
    You're a good mummy Edith.

  2. Edith, the cake is gorgeous. Your little princess' expression should have told you already.

  3. I had the same experience...I made a cake for my youngest son a few weeks ago...the party was almost a disaster :-)

    the cake is pretty!

  4. r u kidding me? the cake is a piece of art.... so pretty...
    Happy birthday to your girl... ;)

  5. Edith,
    You are one great mother! I don't bake as well as you but I'll still bake them a cake on their birthdays.

    And happy birthday to M & J!

  6. Edith

    Luv the cake. The figurines are simply too gorgeous to eat.

    You did a fab job.


  7. Hi Edith, I agree with the rest, the cake is beautiful especially it's from a loving and sweet mum, you are simply great !

  8. This cake is beautiful. I like it. :)

  9. Can't tell that you ran into so much problems, the cake looks gorgeous! I'm sure your little girl must be proud of sharing this homemade cake with her friends.

  10. Don't be too hard on yourself. The cake is lovely! A couple of days late but Happy belated birthday to your princess!

  11. Wish I could bake a cake like this at the drop of a hat like you could!

    Will really have to attend baking lessons the next time I come home.

  12. Thanks Quinn, I am just trying my best.

    KWF, yes she was a little happy gals.

    Anne and Piggy, i can write a book full of my disaster experiences in the kitchen. THis cake definitely has its fair share of it.

    Thanks Linda.

    BH, I think nothing beats cake made out of love.

    Ange, yours is much better. Must learn from you.

    Thanks MeRy.

    Thanks Kellie, aiyo compare to yours, mine is a far far cry.

    THanks DG.

    Thanks Rei, we must catch up for play sometime after PSLE.

    Beau Lotus, you are welcome to come over my hse to practise your new found knowledge.


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