Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rest and relax

I have been really busy for the past few days. The National Day long weekend was jam packed with activities and it went by really fast.

Last Friday was a half day school for the kids, we decided to have a little picnic with some friends at the botanical garden. It was great fun for all.

The children played really well together and we, mommies were relaxing. I was trying not to tire myself as I had another gathering in the night.

Thus, I was really lazing around while A entertained the kids with many games. She is so good with kids, I wish she will join us another time for such event.


By night fall, I was just too lazy and tired to meet up with my group of clubber mommies. DC kept buzzing me on the phone to go down.

As I haven't seen many of them since June and DC promised me that I will enjoy myself.

With hubby's offer to give me a ride, I went along.

The night was simply full of laughter, good music and many rounds of drinks. They are just really a bunch of wonderful people to hang out and let loose.

Last weekend, I "burst" my wallet big time, I was down in Singapore Expo. Though tired from lack of sleep the night before, I left the place definitely a happy bird.

SC found me in Facebook and he took the opportunity to invite me and my family for a gathering on National Day.

I can't believe that I haven't seen this group of friends for the last 22 years.

Yes it was that long ago. Amazingly, among the guys, SC didn't change much. I did bake a brownie hoping to share with them but it was a huge disaster and nothing pleasant to show here.

Thanks for allowing me to meet all your wives. I had a great sumptuous meal and I still can't forget that lovely chicken curry I had. LOLz.

I also did some bonding with my parents as well as my siblings. Sometime, I wish I just live next door to them. As both families are residing just next to each other, it is just so convenient.

After a nice home cooked meal at my sister's place last night. It reminded once again that I need to tantalise my taste bud.

Yes, helper's cooking is numbing mine with the same flavour again and again. Here is my Stir fry Chayote with meat. I love Chayote.

Mom was the first one to introduce this lovely gourd. It has this lovely crunchy and yet sweet texture.


What you need:

2 medium size Chayote, skinned and sliced
Lean pork, sliced
Corn flour
Soya sauce
Fish Sauce
Minced garlic


Marinate pork with soya sauce and pepper and a little corn flour.

Heat wok with oil, sautee garlic till fragrant.

Add pork and stir fry till cooked.

Add in Chayote and stir fry with a little water.

Give a small dash of fish sauce if your soya sauce is less salt type.

Serve hot with white rice.

Note: Do not over cook the chayote or else it won't be crunchy.

I bought a bottle of Mizkan Yaniku sauce last weekend and gosh, it is absolutely delicious.

Yaniku Chicken with Green Pepper. Then again, I wish I know how to prepare this sauce from scratch. Anyone knows how?

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  1. Glad the kids enjoyed themselves :)


  2. Oh, and I love chayote too! MIL never fail to buy these for me when she visits the wet market.

  3. i never know how to cook chayote although i can find them here in australia. can you post the recipe, please?

    thank you

  4. Oh, and I love chayote too! MIL never fail to buy these for me when she visits the wet market.


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