Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

This week was really hectic and I am really glad that it is coming to an end. Though the first two days were busy preparing for my son's belated birthday celebration. Postponing a tea date with my girlfriends was the saddest but I guess my kid's priority will have to come first. Sorry girlie. AA asked me whether I can help to prepare a cake for Teacher's Day celebration. Since this will be son's last year in this school, I guess I don't want to miss this event. This is the 3rd year running that we turned the AVA room into a little cafe for the teachers to have their breakfast and lunch. I think it got better and better each year. Despite the poor weather that doesn't really help with the fondant flowers but I am actually quite pleased with the end result. The cake was well received by the teachers and principal and that definitely make my day. Happy Teacher's Day! Photobucket
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  1. You have no idea how beautiful the lowers are and the sides are nicely done, perfect basketweaving skills and techniques!

  2. oohh, very pretty! Great job, Edith!

  3. This is a truly beautiful cake, Edith!

  4. Quinn, you are too kind. I have lots of room for improvement on cake deco.

    Mary, thanks for dropping by.

    Piggy, xie xie, you are my greatest inspiration.

    Beau Lotus, Good to hear from you again. Thanks.

  5. This cake is very very beautiful. I'm very impressed with the basket weaving skills. How do you do it?


  6. This is a truly beautiful cake, Edith!


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