Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farm town

Since we reconciled at the last class reunion, our relationship also renewed when we played our online game, farm town together. The cyber world is so powerful. Anyway, D is in town for a short break and she suggested that we meet up. We couldn't decide on the venue but gracious F offered her place instead. It is good choice as her place is spacious enough to host a group of wild and boisterous gals. While we, trying to gather as many IJ gals and F trying desperately trying to unpack her 140 carton boxes of shipment that arrived just last week. Amazingly, she accomplished this tough mission. The house was speck and span when we arrived. GL pointed out that it seems like farm town party rather than an IJ party. Since last Sunday was D's birthday, we took the opportunity to celebrate. F requested cupcakes from me as many had not have a chance to taste them. So here is my Farm Town Cupcakes for the gang. Photobucket The evening was so good and I had never laughed so hard for the longest time. This group of girls is still as bubbly as before. They haven’t changed. Still the same way old girls as I remembered them. We had so much fun laughing ourselves of yesteryears. GL such a pity you needed to leave early. Definitely we have to do this once more.
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  1. Your farmtown cuppies are so pretty! The same as your virtual farm in farmtown. I still have a long long way to go. :)


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