Saturday, August 22, 2009


IL rang and asked me whether I wanted to join her for lunch. I told her I am in the midst of preparing a cake for my son's belated birthday party. She asked me why I don't do it on Sunday. Well the reason is simple, no one will come for his birthday party as it is smacked right in the middle of prelim!!! Anyway, with the prelim done, time to give little prince a break. I was told that we will be getting the result on Friday so let's see how well he scored and from there we will work on his PSLE revision. I am seriously not cut out to do whole cake. My "workmanship" really sucks, thus I never take in whole cake orders. I still prefer doing cupcakes as it is less stressful. Sweat and stress aside, I still need to bake a cake for my little prince for his celebration with his buddies because I find it strange to have a birthday party without cutting cake. These two precious are God sent and I am so happy to be part of their growing up journey. Parenting might be tough but yet it brings so much joy to my life. Seeing them set foot on another milestone makes me treasure so much of the time when they were young. The skill, maturity and their dependencies as each year passed amazes me. Seeing them grow makes me want to hold on to those precious moments when they were young and dependent. As he embark on another milestone to young adulthood. I can't help but to marvel how time flies. One moment, he was cuddling in my arms and now he is entering into the teenage phase. Happy Birthday Sweetie. Photobucket
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